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Release No: 427-95
August 07, 1995


Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, Joseph S.Nye Jr., announced today the publication of the "United States SecurityStrategy for Sub-Saharan Africa," fourth in a series of regional securitystrategy reports commissioned by Secretary of Defense William J. Perry tosupplement President Clinton's "Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement."

On releasing the report, Nye noted that it "highlights the paradox of bothpromising and perilous post-Cold War trends in sub-Saharan Africa." He addedthat while the U.S. has limited direct vital security interests in the region,"the Administration is committed to helping to empower African states andorganizations to resolve conflict and achieve stability." The DoD reportoutlines a regional strategy based on:

- promoting peace by preventing, managing, or resolving conflicts

- providing humanitarian assistance to alleviate suffering and hunger

- fostering democracy and respect for human rights

- supporting economic growth and sustainable development

Nye emphasized the unique capabilities and expertise DoD has to offer inhelping to create and nurture an "enabling environment" conducive to achievingthese goals. "Helping Africans find African solutions to their problems," hesaid, "is a top priority."

Among the report's other highlights:

- Recent experiences in Somalia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Rwanda indicatethat the U.S. must retain the capacity to use its military forces in the eventof unpredictable events in Africa.

- Helping to empower Africans in times of limited resources will require thatthe U.S., the international community, and the Africans themselves search forinnovative and creative ways to attack the serious problems on the continent.

- While it is important to recognize the limitations of America's ability toinfluence events in Africa, the United States will remain engaged in theregion, providing help when and where it can.

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