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Release No: 432-95
August 08, 1995




The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Management Policy, Fred Pang,announced recruiting results for the third quarter of Fiscal Year 1995.Through June, Navy and Marine Corps met their year-to-date recruitingobjectives, with Army and Air Force at 99 and 98 percent, respectively.However, DoD has 103 percent of its FY 1995 accession goal either in theDelayed Entry Program (DEP) or already shipped, compared with 102 percent atthis time in FY 1994. This means that the Services will meet their FY 1995objectives.

Department-wide, recruit quality was similar to the same period in FY 1994: 95percent high school diploma graduates (HSDGs), 71 percent Armed ForcesQualification Test (AFQT) Category I through IIIAs (individuals who scored inthe upper half on the enlistment test), and 66 percent "high quality"recruits (HSDGs/AFQT Category I-IIIAs). Less than 1 percent of new recruitsscored in the lowest acceptable category (AFQT Category IV).

New recruit demographics show diversity in social representation. Compared tothe same period in FY 1994, the proportion of Black recruits increased slightlyfrom 18 to 19 percent. The Army continues to lead the way with a 23-percentBlack accession rate, while the Navy shows the greatest change (21 percent upfrom 18 percent a year ago). Across the Services, the proportion of femalerecruits increased to 19 percent compared to 17 percent for the same periodlast year -- the Air Force accessed the greatest percentage (24 percent).Compared to this time last year, the proportion of female accessions has grownthe most in the Navy (17 to 21 percent).

While Mr. Pang expressed satisfaction with the third quarter FY 1995recruiting results, he indicated that, with increasing accession requirementsin FYs 1996-97 and declining propensity of young men to enlist, the Servicesare facing significantly more competitive market conditions. He pointed outthat the Services' ability to obtain high quality volunteers will depend uponcontinued support of Congress and the American people.

Statistical summaries are attached.

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