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Release No: 517-95
September 19, 1995

1995 Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration

On Sept. 25, the Marine Corps will globally connect military units, both U.S. and allied, in an attempt to improve interoperability with existing and emerging command, control communication, computer and intelligence systems.

With the Marine Corps as the lead service for the 1995 Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif., will serve as the hub of this international event.

The primary objectives of JWID `95 are to demonstrate improved operational capabilities for deployed forces and improved interoperability with C4I systems required to support a joint task force, both in garrison and while deployed.

The Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity at Camp Pendleton will host the Joint Task Force command post, the JTF Marine Component, the Army (forward) Component, the Joint Special Operations Task Force Component and the Australian/Canadian Allied Planning Cell. This site will serve as the main demonstration location for JWID `95. More than 50 other sites from Europe to Australia will also be involved, including systems of several allied countries.

In a scenario which represents a major goal of JWID `95, the Marine Air/Ground Task Force commander assumes control of a JTF responding to directed operations in the U.S. Pacific Command. An additional major goal includes the demonstration of interoperability among deployed forces and supporting civil agencies and industry through linkages of the Defense Information Infrastructure and the National Information Infrastructure to support operations other than war. A further mid-range goal includes the demonstration of the application of commercial off-the-shelf information technologies to support the Global Command and Control System. The operational capabilities demonstrated will be grouped into five major areas. These include Battlespace Management, Communications and Networking, Distributed Collaborative Planning, Smart Push/Warrior Pull, and a new area introduced by the Marine Corps for the first time, Knowledge-Based Information (KBI) Presentation.

In addition, the Marine Corps will be sponsoring numerous technology demonstrations designed to validate its evolving MAGTF C4I systems strategy built on the Global Command and Control System Common Operational Environment, the viability of using GCCS to command a combined JTF, component and major subordinate commands across functions and echelons. Other demonstrations of the benefits of the KBI Presentation will also be showcased.

A briefing and tour of JWID `95 facilities will be available for the press on Sept. 25, 1995. A tour will be conducted for the press from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. EDT of various JWID sites. Information on the many JWID `95 sites and demonstrations is located on the world wide web under http://www.hqmc.usmc.mil. The press are invited to query those sites they desire to visit for detailed information regarding times and locations for press visits. The following points of contact are provided for the primary JWID `95 sites:

US Pacific Command, Camp Smith, HI, (Maj. Bill Barlow, USAF, 808-477-6613)

Marine Corps Tactical Systems Activity, Camp Pendleton, CA, (SSgt. J.M. Hagar, USMC, 619-725-9386)

Battle Command, Battle Lab, Ft. Gordon, GA, (Maj. Steve Mecham, 706-791-8548)

Electronic Systems Command, Hanscom AFB, MA, (Maj. Randy Nunley, USAF, 617-271-1186)

Joint Demonstration and Evaluation Facility, Arlington, VA, (Ms. Betsy McDonald, 703-696-1970)

NRAD, San Diego, CA, (Mr. Tom LaPuzza, 619-553-2722)

USS Kitty Hawk, San Diego, CA, (Lt. Andy Barlow, USN, 619-545-5669)

Office of Emergency Services, Conway, AR, (Mr. Ray Briggler, 501-329-5601)

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