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Release No: 609-95
November 16, 1995



The Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency announced today the selection of 80 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposals for funding under the Technology Reinvestment Project's (TRP) FY95 competition. A total of almost $7.9 million will be awarded to these winners, with the average award amounting to approximately $99,000.

The 80 winners were selected from a total of 354 proposals submitted under eight technology focus areas in the TRP's SBIR competition. Under the SBIR program, selections are first made for Phase I awards to determine the scientific or technical merit and feasibility of the proposed idea. Phase II contracts for up to $750,000 may be awarded after successful completion of Phase I. Phase II funds the principal research or research and development effort and requires a well-defined, deliverable product or process. All of today's selections are for Phase I awards.

The selections for the larger TRP Technology Development competition area have been delayed due to the uncertainty surrounding the FY 1996 Defense budget. The evaluation for the two competition areas is independent, so the selection of these SBIR Phase I proposals has no bearing on the selection of Technology Development proposals.

Media can obtain a copy of the full list of winners from Lt. Col. Donna Pastor, Pentagon room 2E765, at (703) 695-0192. Other requestors should contact (703) 697-5737.

Advanced Research Projects Agency

TRP SBIR Phase I Proposal Selected for Award

FY95 - 04

November 16, 1995

Company Proposal Title City State Cost


Focus Area: Affordable Advanced Controls Technologies

ARTECH Associates A Low Cost GPS/Inertial Navigation System Wayne NJ $91,170

Active Control Experts, Inc. Smart, Compact Packages for Vibration Control Cambridge MA $98,883

American GNC Corp. Intelligent Engine Control and Health Monitoring Chatsworth CA $98,986

Banks Engineering and Labs Electro Optic Transducer San Diego CA $96,880

Lasergenics Corp. Single Crystal Fiber Sensors for Temperature Measurements in Jet Engines San Jose CA $98,641

Lightwave Electronics Corp. Compact, Air-Cooled, Diode-Pumped Coherent Laser Radar with Very Low Power Consumption Mountain View CA $99,000

Mayflower Com. Co., Inc. Adaptive Control Technologies for Improved GPS Receiver Performance Under Jamming Reading MA $98,723

Nanomaterials Research Corp. Rapid Response Sensors for Advanced Control Technologies Tucson AZ $99,000

Photo Emission Tech., Inc. Advanced Control Techniques for Autonomous Helicopters Westlake Village CA $99,750

SSG, Inc. Thermally Stable, High Damping SiC Weave Optical Bench and Structure for TRP DUAL Waltham MA $99,813


SatCon Technology Corp. Modular Power Controller for Electric Drives Cambridge MA $98,534

Schwartz Electro-Optics, Inc. Efficiency and Performance Enhancement of Tm, Ho: YLF Lidar Concord MA $98,777

Scientific Monitoring, Inc. Advanced Model/Rule Based Software for Affordable Engine Control Tempe AZ $98,725

Scientific Systems Company, Inc. Low Cost Fault Tolerant Flight Controls for UAV's Using Neural Networks, System Woburn MA $99,000

Identification & Robust Control

Scientific Systems Company, Inc. Active Feedback Control of Rotating Stall and Surge in Axial Flow Compression with Woburn MA $99,000

Inlet Distortions

Sparta, Inc. ATCI For FPD MFG Laguna Hills CA $95,922

Toranaga Technologies, Inc. Fabrication and Assembly of High Operating Temperature Circuits Carlsbad CA $100,897

Visidyne, Inc. High Temperature Fiber Optic Position Transducer Burlington MA $98,506

Focus Area: Affordable Polymer Matrix Composites for Airframe Structures

Aeroplas Corporation International High Performance E-Beam Curable Resins for Affordable Polymer Matrix RTM/Automated Pepperell MA $99,000

Tape Layup Composite Primary Airframe Structures

Aerospace Service and Controls, Inc. Resin Transfer Molding Process Monitoring and Control Sun Valley CA $96,878

Energy Science Laboratories, Inc. Z-Fiber Reinforced RTM Composties San Diego CA $100,000

Science Research Laboratory, Inc. Advanced Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Curable Systems for Aircraft Applications Somerville MA $98,932

Focus Area: Biological Sensors and Multiorgan Diagnostic Screening

Clinical Technologies Corp. Active Electrode Sensor Fort Lauderdale FL $91,375

Empirical Technologies Corp. Physiographic Personnel Monitor Charlottesville VA $98,940

GTS/Albatross Technologies, Inc. Investigation and Optimization of 1.5-D Ultrasound Transducer Array Mesa AZ $99,625

LEEOAT Company Micromachining of X-Ray Medical Imager and Radiographic System Carlsbad CA $100,000

Medical Imaging & Scanning Tech. Feasibility Study of a Near Infrared Brain Scanner for Hematoma and Bomb Fragment Detection Los Angeles CA $99,000

Nanomaterials Research Corporation Low-Power, Non-Invasive Physiological Sensors for Remote Usage Tucson AZ $99,000

Princeton Electronic Systems, Inc. Portable Raman Spectrometer for Non-Invasive and Real Time Analysis of Vital Human Fluids Princeton NJ $99,000

Q-Dot, Inc. A Low-Power, Low-Cost, High-Performance Beamformer for Medical Ultrasound Scanners Colorado Springs CO $98,946

TETRAD Corp. Hybrid Packaging and Integration Methods for Miniature Ultrasound Imaging Array Englewood CO $97,252

TRS Ceramics, Inc. Single Crystal Relaxor Ferroelectrics for High Performance Bio-Medical Ultrasound Transducers State College PA $99,000

Universal Sensors, Inc. In Field Detection of Biologicals in Human Whole Blood Serum, Saliva and Urine Metairie LA $98,686

Using PAN Coated Quartz Crystals

Xicon Technologies, L.L.C. Novel Field Deployable Flat Panel X-Ray Imaging System Farmington CT $99,000

Focus Area: Digital Wireless Communications and Networking Systems

ALOHA Networks, Inc Spread ALOHA for Wireless Inventory Networks San Francisco CA $99,999

American Industrial Casting, Inc. Miniaturized Cast Metal Integrated Components Cranston RI $98,000

Computer Network Magic Commercial Distributed Packet Radio (CDPR) and the Wireless Internet Los Altos CA $98,608

Innova Laboratories, Inc. Novel Electronically Steered Terminal for Vehicle-Satellite Networks San Diego CA $99,000

LinCom Corp. Portable Wireless Exchange Radio System (POWER System) Los Angeles CA $96,496

NZ Applied Technologies Corp. Novel Tunable Dielectric Microwave Filters Woburn MA $99,000

Q-Dot, Inc. Miniature Direct-Conversion Transceiver Colorado Springs CO $98,986

Redpoint Microwave, Inc. Improved Reference Sources for Low-Bit Error Rate Communication In Digital Wireless Newberg OR $98,646

and Fiber Optic Systems

SICOM, Inc. Rapid-Acquisition Digital Data (RADD) Modem for High Data Rate Burst or Scottsdale AZ $98,988

CW Communications

SICOM, Inc. Interference-Tolerant Digital Data (ITD2) Modem for High Data Rate Communications Scottsdale AZ $98,990

TMA Joint Venture Broadband CDMA for Overlaid Cellular PCS Fairfax VA $98,981

Vector Vision, Inc. Robust Video Coding Techniques for Wireless Video Communications Bethlehem PA $99,000

Focus Area: Operations Other Than War/Law Enforcement (OOTW/LE)

WJM, Inc. Wireless Integrated Sensor Processing (WISP) Livermore CA $99,000

AKELA, Inc. Feasibility of Using Impulse Radar to Detect and Identify Concealed Weapons Santa Barbara CA $99,103

Aurora Simulation, Inc. A Configurable Object-Oriented Expert System to Embody Cultural (Awareness) Models Herndon VA $98,700

for Simulation and Semi-Autonomous Forces

Ceramic Composites Inc. Conformable Body Armor-Toughened by Continuous Fiber Reinforcement Millersville MD $96,878

Chang Industries, Inc. Chang-Scan Concealed Weapon Detector La Verne CA $98,418

Chemat Technology, Inc. High Density Boron Carbide Armor Tiles by Microwave Processing Northridge CA $99,000

Com. Disorders Tech., Inc. Interactive Pronunciation Training System Bloomington IN $98,962

Concept Engineering Group, Inc. Man Portable Supersonic Air Jet System Pittsburgh PA $98,779

Harris Technologies, Inc. Wearable Personal Device Asic that Integrates Non Line of Sight Spread Spectrum IFF, Vienna VA $99,000

Remote Tracking and Duplex Multimedia Communications

Irvine Sensors Corp. Covert Compact Camera Costa Mesa CA $98,044

Millitech Corp. High Power 94 GHz Radar Source South Deerfield MA $98,603

TPL, Inc. Low Cost, Sensor System for Real-Time Detection of Explosives, Poison Gases, and Albuquerque NM $100,000

Other Personnel Hazards

Veritay Technology, Inc. Enhanced Individual Body Armor: Novel Approach to Achieving Significantly Improved Torso, East Amherst NY $98,994

Abdominal, and Extremity Protection

Focus Area: Small Precision Optics Manufacturing Technology

Byelocorp Scientific, Inc. Magnetorheological Finishing of Spherical & Aspheric Precision Optics Rochester NY $98,893

CNC Systems, Inc. Polishing of Aspheres and Other Symmetric Optics Using Pressurized Slurries Ontario NY $97,369

New Interconnection and Packaging Advancing the Manufacturing of High Precision Optics by Replication in Different San Diego CA $98,908

Substrate Materials

Princeton Electronic Systems, Inc. Development of a Low Light Level Imaging System Using Microlenses for Improved Princeton NJ $99,000

Performance and Digital Systems Interface Capability

Rochester Photonics Corp. Low-Cost, High-Volume Replication of Durable Non-PLastic Diffractive Elements for UV Rochester NY $98,992

and Visible Applications

Focus Area: Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Applications

Spire Corp. Low Cost Thin Film Electroluminescent Heat Mounted Displays Bedford MA $98,961

CFD Research Corp. A High Fidelity Simulation Environment for Thermo-Fluid-Mechanical Design of MEMS Huntsville AL $99,000

CoreTeck, Inc. Novel Microelectromechanical GaAlAs Optoelectronic Devices Bedford MA $98,939

Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. Manufacturing of Multisensor Microinstrumentation Clusters Ann Arbor MI $99,000

Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. A Micromachined Coriolis-Based Flowmeter for Direct Mass Flow and Fluid Densitv Ann Arbor MI $99,000


Optivision, Inc. Low-Cost Rugged Fiber Optic Switches Based on Digital Micromirror Devices (DMDs) Palo Alto CA $99,000

RainTree Technologies MEMS Integration for a Range of Tire Pressure Devices Escondido CA $98,000

Focus Area: Other

Alameda Applied Sciences Corp. High Voltage, High Power Diamond Solid-State Switch for Pulsed Power and Other Oakland CA $98,989


Arete Engineering Tech. Corp. High Sweep-Rate Sediment Penetrating Sonar for Detection and Classification of Buried San Diego CA $98,991

Objects for Environmental and Defense Applications

BioMedical Enterprises, Inc. Aerospace Ceramics and Bone San Antonio TX $98,956

Diamond Materials, Inc. Production of "Binderless" Diamond Compact Tools Piscataway NJ $99,000

Faraday Technology, Inc. A Novel Electrochemical Machining Process for Hard Passive Alloys Dayton OH $98,832

Lynntech, Inc. Electrochemical Recovery of Heavy Metals from Ground Water at Military Sites College Station TX $99,000

MEI Corp. Improved Composite Fillers Clearwater FL $97,998

Scientific Fishery Systems, Inc. Neural Acoustic Temperature Profiler Anchorage AK $98,945

Tech. Assessment & Transfer, Inc. Closed Field Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtered Multilayer - Unique Corrosion and Annapolis MD $98,886

Erosion Resistant Coatings

Total Number of Proposals Selected for Award: 80

Total Funds Requested for Selected Proposals: $7,887,675.00

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