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Release No: 637-95
December 05, 1995

(Corrected Copy #2 -- Changes and Additions shown in boldface.)

Reserve Component Units Identified For Possible IFOR Deployment

The following U.S. Army Reserve (AR) and Army National Guard (NG) units basedin the United States and Puerto Rico have been notified to begin training forpossible deployment to the European Theater to support U.S. Forces that mayparticipate in NATO peace implementation force (IFOR) operations in the formerYugoslavia. These units have been notified for training and possibleparticipation only and may or may not actually be ordered to deploy.



Texarkana, Texas 755th AG Postal Company (AR) 32

Moffett Field, Calif. 353d Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Battalion (AR) 34

Moffett Field, Calif. 7th PSYOP Group (AR) 2

Rome, Ga. 209th Broadcast Public Affairs Detachment (AR) 27

Forrest Park, Ill. 49th Military History Detachment (AR) 3

Arlington Heights, Ill. 17th PSYOP Battalion (AR) 9

Homewood, Ill. 308th Civil Affairs Brigade (AR) TBD

Camp Dodge, Iowa 186th Military Police Company (NG) 125

Topeka, Kan. 102d Military History Detachment (NG)3

Wichita, Kan. 203d Public Affairs Detachment (NG) 18

Baltimore, Md. 29th Public Affairs Detachment (NG) 18

Worchester, Mass. 126th Military History Detachment (NG) 3

Taylor, Mich. HHD, 210th Military Police Battalion (NG)74

Taylor, Mich. 1776th Military Police Company (NG) 125

Kalamazoo, Mich. 415th Civil Affairs Battalion (AR) TBD

St. Paul, Minn. 329th AG Postal Company (AR) 32

Clinton, Miss. 114th Military Police Company (NG) 125

Brandon, Miss. 113th Military Police Company (NG) 125

Springfield, Mo. 1107th Aviation Classification and Repair Depot (NG) 11

St. Louis, Mo. 10th PSYOP Battalion (AR) TBD

Kennett, Mo. 1137th Military Police Company (NG) 125

Manchester, N.H. 114th Public Affairs Detachment (NG) 18

Fort Totten, N.Y. 361st Press Camp Headquarters (AR) 28

Bronx, N.Y. 353d Civil Affairs Command (AR) TDB

Raleigh, N.C. 130th Military History Detachment (NG) 3

Columbus, Ohio 326th Military History Detachment (AR) 3

Pittsburgh, Pa. 23d AG Postal Company (AR) 32

Philadelphia, Pa. 304th Civil Affairs Brigade (AR) TBD

San Juan, P.R. 113th Public Affairs Detachment (NG) 18

San Antonio, Texas 90th Military History Detachment (AR) 3

Ft. Douglas, Utah 358th Public Affairs Detachment (AR) 18

Green Bay, Wisc. 432d Civil Affairs Brigade (AR) TBD

Moundsville, W.V. 152d Military Police Det., (POW Information Center) (NG) 17

Washington, D.C. 715th Public Affairs Detachment (NG) 5

Warwick, R.I. 443rd Civil Affairs Battalion (AR) TBD

Salt Lake, Utah 19th Special Forces Group (NG) TBD

Birmingham, Ala. 20th Special Forces Group (NG) TBD

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