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Release No: 676-95
December 22, 1995


The Department of Defense (DoD) today announced that 34 proposals have beenselected for negotiation from the FY95 Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP)competition. The projects selected today were chosen from over 140 proposalsreceived last summer. Today's projects will receive approximately $137.4million in government funding, which is less than half the estimated total costof these projects. The balance of funding will be provided by the proposingorganizations.

The TRP develops militarily useful, commercially viable technology in order toimprove the DoD's access to affordable, advanced technology. To date,approximately $686 million in DoD funds have been committed to 131 TRPtechnology development projects.

Today's selected efforts are grouped into six technology focus areas importantto the military warfighter:

· Affordable advanced controls technologies to reduce the costs andmaintenance requirements of major military systems while extending theirperformance and useful life.

· Biological sensing and multiorgan diagnostic screening devices toimprove the quality and timeliness of diagnostic information available tomedical personnel on the battlefield and in field hospitals.

· Digital wireless communications and networking systems to accelerate thedevelopment and availability of secure, high-data-rate, digital networks forthe military.

· Microelectromechanical systems applications to give existing and newweapons systems overwhelming sensing and actuation abilities, creating new waysto perceive and control the battlefield.

· Operations other than war/law enforcement technologies to provide thetools needed for military missions other than large-scale combat, whereminimizing casualties to friendly forces and non-combatants is crucial.

· Small precision optics manufacturing technology to fabricate low cost,high performance optics for key military weapons systems such as night visionoptics, precision guided munitions, and sensing, targeting, communications, andreconnaissance systems.

Jointly chosen by ARPA and the military Services, these technology areas areneeded by the military and can be kept affordable, accessible, and advancedthrough the dynamics of the commercial marketplace.

Today's selections close out the TRP's final competition. The program'sfirst competition was in 1993.

An electronic version of the list is available via the World Wide Web at URL http://www.trp.arpa.mil/trp/select95/selectee.html (no longer available). .

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