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Release No: 014-96
January 16, 1996


The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) today announced the inauguration of a home page, DFAS Lane, to coincide with its fifth anniversary.

DFAS Lane refers to the accelerated pace of consolidation, standardization and integration of finance and accounting activities. It also symbolizes the agency's commitment to making the page informative and easy to use. The address for the new site is "http://www.dfas.mil."

The home page incorporates eight major sections:

Welcome -- basic information about DFAS, its home page and how to use it.

What's news -- current messages, new additions to DFAS Lane and information from the agency's magazine, DFAS, the DoD Accounting Firm.

Money matters -- current pay charts, information about DFAS disbursement programs and credit cards, and how to get help.

Director's initiatives -- top agency priorities discussed in depth, including consolidation, strengthening internal controls, improving financial reporting, reducing finance and accounting systems, and clearing up problem disbursements.

People, offices and systems -- how to get information on the agency's organizational elements, accounting systems and key individuals.

Reference library -- the place to find forms, regulations, and archival information.

"Your turn"-- an interactive forum conducted by DFAS Director Richard F. Keevey on issues critical to the agency and its customers, interactive survey results and e-mail addresses for general and technical comments.

Links -- connections to other web sites of interest to DFAS Lane's users.

[[newline]] The Defense Finance and Accounting Service was activated January 15, 1991 to improve the overall effectiveness of DoD financial management. It is the principal paymaster for active duty and reserve military personnel, DoD civilians, contractors and vendors. In addition, the agency implements finance and accounting systems and functions for appropriated and non-appropriated funds, as well as working capital, revolving fund and trust fund activities.

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