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Release No: 423-04
May 05, 2004

Joint Staff Hosts Coalition Planning Conference

Army Lt. Gen. Walter Sharp, director, Plans and Policy Directoroate, Joint Staff, together with his counterparts from the United Kingdom and Poland, will co-host a Global War on Terrorism Coalition Executive Planners Conference on May 6 - 7. The conference attendees will discuss future operations and military requirements in Afghanistan and Iraq. This senior military strategic policy-level forum provides the participants with a better understanding of the current operations and security environment in both nations, allows them to participate in setting the framework for a transition to a free and democratic Iraq, and collectively determine the way ahead to reinforce progress already made in Afghanistan.

The conference agenda will include strategic overviews, regional political and security assessments, and discussions regarding coalition efforts to facilitate the transition of Afghanistan and Iraq to safe, stable and independent nations.

Over 100 representative delegates are expected to participate in the conference, said Sharp. The level of participation is testament to the importance and significance that the global community attaches to this effort.

The United States began building the coalition for the war on terrorism on Sept. 12, 2001, and there are currently 90 nations supporting it.

For more information on this conference please call Maj. Maria Carl, Joint Staff Public Affairs, at (703) 695 7678.

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