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Release No: 037-96
January 26, 1996


The Department of Defense today announced the 1996 schedule for the Golden Knights. Show sites are attached.

The demonstration season begins in mid-March and concludes in mid-November. Of the 155 requests for the Golden Knights, 77 events were scheduled in 35 states, including Alaska, Canada, and Great Britain. The number of requests that can be supported is limited by the length of the season, travel and training requirements, operational and deployment considerations, and seasonal meteorological conditions.

Demonstration sites are selected to support the objectives of the Department of Defense and the interests of the Armed Services. Safety is a primary consideration. Performances greatly assist the recruiting and retention goals of the Services, enhance esprit de corps among uniformed men and women, and demonstrate the professional skills and capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces to the American public and U.S. allies.

Attachment: United States Army Parachute Team, Golden Knights, 1996 Show Sites



24 MCAS Yuma, AZ Open House

MARCH[[newline]]14 San Antonio, TX Brooke Army Medical Center

23-24 Punta Gorda, FL Florida International Airshow

24 Crested Butte, CO Disabled Veterans' Clinic


6-7 Easter Weekend

13-14 MacDill AFB, FL Airfest

13-14 Nacogdoches, TX East Texas Airshow `96

20-21 Wilmington, NC Azalea Festival Airshow

27 Shaw AFB, SC Shawfest `96

27-28 Greenville, SC Airshow

28 Barksdale AFB, LA Open House


4-5 Dover AFB, DE Open House and Airshow

4-5 McEntire ANGB, SC Airshow and Open House

5 Raleigh, NC Airport Open House

11-12 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Air and Sea Show

11-12 Mountain Home AFB, ID Airshow

15-16 Ft. Meade, MD Armed Forces Celebration

17-19 Andrews AFB, MD Department of Defense Open House

18-19 McConnell AFB, KS Open House

21 Manassas, VA DARE Show `96

25-26 RAF Mildenhall, UK Air Fete `96

25-26 Columbia, MO Salute to Veterans Celebration

26-27 Andover, MA Memorial Day Ceremonies


1 Elmendorf AFB, AK Open House

2 Eielson AFB, AK Open House

1-2 Elkhart, IN Fantasy of Flight `96

8-9 Myrtle Beach, SC Sun and Fun Airshow

8-9 Kalamazoo, MI High on America Airshow

14-16 Oklahoma City, OK Aerospace America Airshow

14-16 Palmdale, CA Airshow

15-16 Concord, NC Airshow Carolinas

21-23 Salt Lake City, UT Centennial Aviation Expo

22-23 Greeley, CO Air Festival

29-30 Niagara Falls ARS, NY Open House

29-30 NAS Ft. Worth, TX Airshow


4 Mansfield, OH Freedom Festival

6-7 Tumwater, WA Expo of Flight

4-6 Battle Creek, MI Airshow

12 Roanoke, VA Commonwealth Games

12-14 DeKalb, IL Airshow

13-14 Caldwell, ID Airshow

19 Atlanta, GA Olympic Opening Ceremony

19-20 Dayton, OH Airshow

24 Cheyenne, WY Airshow

26-28 Sioux City, IA River Cade

27-28 Kansas City, MO Festival of Flight

31 Oshkosh, WI Airshow


2-4 Seattle, WA Airshow

3-4 Lethbridge, CAN Airshow

9-11 Goshen, IN Airshow

10-11 Eau Claire, WI Airshow

15 Atlanta, GA Paralympics Opening Ceremony

18-19 Little Rock AFB, AR Open House

19-21 Gray, TN Appalachian State Fair

24-25 Bloomington, IL Open House

24-25 Offutt AFB, NE Open House


31(AUG)-1 Anniston, AL Airshow

31(AUG)-2 Cleveland, OH National Airshow

7-8 Ft. Smith, AR Airshow

7-8 Winston-Salem, NC Airshow

14 Asheboro, NC Asheboro Bicentennial

14-15 Grand Junction, CO Airshow

18 Tucumcari, NM Airshow

21-22 McGuire AFB, NJ Open House

21-22 Manassas, VA Airshow

28-29 Flagstaff, AZ Airshow

28-29 Smyrna, TN Airshow


6-7 Charleston AFB, SC Open House and Airshow

12-13 El Paso, TX Amigo Airshow

12-13 Muskogee, OK Airshow

19-20 Bowling Green, KY Great American Air Affair

19 Columbus AFB, MS Open House

20 Vance AFB, OK Open House

26 Newark, DE University of Delaware Parent's Day

26 Sheppard AFB, TX Open House


9 Maxwell AFB, AL Airshow

9-10 Homestead ARB, FL Miami Airshow

10 Pope AFB, NC Open House

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