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Release No: 1201-04
November 22, 2004

DoD Transfers Personnel Security Investigations Function to Office of Personnel Management

The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) have finalized an agreement to centralize the personnel security investigations (PSI) function of the DoD within OPM. According to the agreement, signed by Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Director of OPM Kay Coles James, DoD will transfer approximately 1,800 DoD investigative personnel to OPM on or about Feb 20, 2005.

The transfer of personnel, which was permitted in the 2004 Defense Authorization Bill, will allow OPM to perform the most sensitive investigations for the federal government. DoD Officials support this transfer as it creates a more effective system for performing PSIs and eliminates many duplicative processes while providing opportunities for greater cost savings.

This represents a concerted move toward good government. DoD determined that the PSI function is not a core competency for us now and will purchase investigative services from OPM, said Carol Haave, deputy under secretary of defense (counterintelligence and security). Optimization of the workforce, elimination of duplicative overhead and management systems, and the ability for one organization (vice many) to drive the badly needed acquisition of investigative capacity are the reasons for the decision. We know that OPM will continue to place a very high priority on conducting DoD work national security being the most important factor in the endeavor.

For further information contact Ms. Caryl Clubb, (703) 325-6141 or Lt. Col. Chris Conway, (703) 695-0195.

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