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Release No: 183-96
April 04, 1996


The Department of Defense today announced the Small Business InnovationResearch program is offering $450 million in contract funds to small technologycompanies to conduct R&D projects that serve a DoD need and have the potentialfor commercialization in private sector and/or military markets. The DoDreleases two solicitations each year, with the second solicitation (96.2) forfiscal year 1996 opening May 1 and closing July 5. Proposal evaluationprocesses have been streamlined, and awards are expected to be announced inearly November 1996.

Small companies are invited to apply for a six month phase I award of up to$100,000 to test the scientific, technical, and commercial merit andfeasibility of a particular concept. If phase I is successful, the company mayapply for a two-year phase II award of up to $750,000 to further develop theconcept, usually to the prototype stage. Details of the DoD SBIR program andtopics, including the "Fast Track" system that gives DoD's highest fundingpriority and expedited consideration to companies with third-party investmentsin their SBIR projects, are provided in the 96.2 Solicitation.

Access to DoD SBIR program information and assistance has increaseddramatically. DoD has created an internet SBIR/STTR Home Page(http://www.acq.osd.mil/sadbu/sbir), which includes solicitation topics andproposal submission procedures. Also, the SBIR/STTR Help Desk (telephone:1-800-382-4634 or Email: SBIRHELP@us.teltech.com) now offers expandedinformation and services. In addition to electronic access to the 96.2Solicitation, hard copies may be requested toll-free at 1-800-DoD-SBIR.

To help small companies develop proposals responsive to the solicitationtopics, topic authors are available to answer technical questions. Questionsmay be asked by telephone until May 1 and in writing after May 1. Proceduresfor asking questions are discussed on the DoD SBIR/STTR Home Page.

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