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Release No: 193-96
April 08, 1996


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is finalizing plans forits Eighteenth Systems and Technology Symposium, which is being called ARPATechÔ96, to be held May 22-24 in Atlanta. ARPATech Ô96 will offerattendees the opportunity to hear DARPA's vision for the future.

DARPA Director Larry Lynn noted, "We hope to acquaint the military, industryand academic communities with our current and proposed efforts, and outlinewhat we see as the warfighting and technological challenges for the future. Welook forward to fruitful discussions between the DARPA staff and our nation'ssuperb technological community."

DARPA will highlight the following topics at ARPATech Ô96:

· Information Systems Initiatives in comprehensive battlefield awareness;planning, command, control, and communications; simulation; and, logisticstechnology

· Information Technology Initiatives in complex systems, informationusability, networks, survivability and image processing

· New Capabilities for the Warfighter, such as small unit operations,cruise missile defense, unmanned systems, littoral warfare, and biotechnologyprograms

· Breakthrough Technologies in the areas of electronic devices, affordablesystems, advanced materials and computation

The symposium will include presentations by DARPA office directors and programmanagers, and will incorporate the strategies, thrusts and plans of individualDARPA offices for FY 1997 and beyond. Many DARPA program managers will bepresent to discuss programmatic details and clarify plans and opportunities ina unique "Sidebar Session" format.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to become acquainted with DARPA'sunique "other transactions" authority, a revolutionary capability for doingbusiness with the government that showcases streamlining and flexibility.

Registration information is available via the World Wide Web (at URL http://www.arpa.mil/ARPATech-96), via electronic mail at the addressARPATech96@arpa.mil, or by calling (703) 435-7946 to request a brochure andregistration packet.

All general presentation sessions are unclassified and are open to media. TheSidebar Sessions are reserved for non-media attendees.

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