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Release No: 1149-05
November 04, 2005

New Wellness Support Program Announced

The Department of Defense announced today the recent implementation of a Post Deployment Health Reassessment Program that reaches out to servicemembers three to six months after returning from deployment.

This new commanders program complements health assessments currently being conducted for servicemembers before and immediately upon return from deployment.


Our number one priority is the health and wellness of our servicemembers, said Dr. William Winkenwerder Jr., assistant secretary of defense for Health Affairs.


The department realizes deployments, especially to theaters of combat operations, may result in health or adjustment difficulties for some servicemembers. Many of these conditions and concerns take several months to become apparent following a servicemembers return home.


As part of DoDs comprehensive medical readiness efforts, this new program helps ensure servicemembers are attuned to their health and have access to the healthcare and community-based services they need to serve strong and live long, healthy lives, said Winkenwerder.


The new assessment program will provide additional health education to servicemembers on deployment-related health problems and treatment resources.


Commanders will use this tool to offer servicemembers and their families any additional support they may need, said Ellen P. Embrey, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Force Health Protection and Readiness.


For more information about the Post Deployment Health Reassessment visit the Web site at https://fhp.osd.mil/pdhrainfo .

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