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Release No: 1191-05
November 16, 2005

DoD Recognizes Exceptional Civilian Employees

The 50th Annual Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Awards and the first DoD David O. Cooke Excellence in Public Administration Award were presented today at a Pentagon ceremony. Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England made the presentations.

The David O. Cooke Excellence in Public Administration Award recognizes a DoD employee with three to 10 years of federal service who occupies a non-managerial position and exhibits great potential as a future federal executive. The award is named in honor of the late David O. Cooke who served as director of administration and management and mayor of the Pentagon for 40 years. The recipient of this award will emulate Cookes dedication to service while helping to effect and promote cooperation and improvement in DoD.

Receiving the first David O. Cooke award was David G. Radcliffe, regional director for Southern Africa in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Radcliffe designed and implemented the Regional Defense Counterterrorism Fellowship Program, which provides counterterrorism training to U.S. allies around the globe.

The DoD Distinguished Civilian Service Award is the highest department-level award that a career civil servant can earn. It recognizes career employees at all levels for their outstanding contributions. Nominees for the award must have shown exceptional devotion to duty and extremely significant contributions of a broad scope in the operation of DoD.

The DoD employees receiving this years Distinguished Civilian Service Award were:



George Graf, director of information technology, 66th Military Intelligence Group, Army Intelligence and Security Command-- Grafs leadership was directly responsible for reshaping the U. S. European Commands strategic to tactical landscape.


John McLaurin III, deputy assistant secretary for human resources, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs-- McLaurin was the driving force in the Freedom Team Salute Program, which reaches out to veterans, families and employers who support soldiers currently serving on active duty.


Janet Menig, deputy assistant chief of staff for installation managementMenig was recognized for her strategic vision and leadership in support of the Presidents management agenda, the BRAC program, environmental programs and support to the war on terrorism.




Anne Rathmell Davis, special assistant to the secretary of the Navy for BRAC 2005, and deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for infrastructure, strategy and analysisDavis received the award for her leadership and expertise that directly contributed to the successful conduct of the BRAC process.


William Molzahn, deputy general counselMolzahn was recognized for advancing the departments efforts in the war on terrorism by using cost-effective methods that saved millions of dollars.


Allan Somoroff, deputy commander, Naval Air Systems CommandSomoroff received the award for his initiatives with workforce shaping, strategic sourcing, the Enterprise Resource Program and the centers of excellence.


National Security Agency


William Black, deputy director, NSABlack was recognized for his contributions to the success of military operations in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and the war on terrorism.


Office of the Secretary of Defense


Joseph Nogueira, director, Force Planning Division, Office of the Director, Program Analysis and EvaluationNogueira was recognized for his leadership of the Defense Program Projection that provided decision makers with clear estimates of the mid to long-term budgetary implications of current and programmed defense investments.

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