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Release No: 254-06
March 28, 2006

Statement from Secretary Rumsfeld on the Death of Caspar Weinberger

            Today the men and women of the Department of Defense mourn the loss of a soldier, a public servant, and great patriot -- The Honorable Caspar Weinberger.   


            Cap Weinberger served our country in the Pacific theater during World War II, entering as an Army private and ending the war as a captain on General MacArthur’s intelligence staff.  He was a leader in California’s business community and served three Presidents with distinction.


            As Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan, he guided the Department through a pivotal time in the Cold War, when America rebuilt its defenses and regained its confidence.  He championed the President’s historic defense build-up, placing a priority on the systems and initiatives that best supported our troops and helped to win the Cold War.  He was a strong advocate for a missile defense program to defend the American people from the designs of hostile regimes.


            When he departed the Pentagon, Secretary Weinberger left the United States Armed Forces stronger, our country safer, and the world more free.  There is no finer legacy.


            Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

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