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Release No: 370-96
June 20, 1996


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has tentatively selected Computing Devices International, Bloomington, Minn., for Phase Two of the Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination (BADD) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration program. The selection is tentative pending completion of final negotiations; the team could receive approximately $30 million for this phase.

Team members include Pacific Sierra Research, Santa Monica, Calif.; TASC, Reading, Mass.; ITT Industries, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Alpha Tech, Burlington, Mass; Boeing, Seattle, Wash.; General Dynamics, Warren, Mich.; Alphatech Inc., Burlington, Mass.; Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., Austin, Texas; CTA Inc., Rockville, Md.; Electrospace Systems Inc., Richardson, Texas; and Secure Computing Corporation, Roseville, Minn..

The goal of BADD is to empower warfighters at echelons from the Task Force Commander down to Battalion, and possibly below (especially mobile warfighters), by providing them with advanced battlefield awareness applications driven by near-real-time data and delivered by advanced data dissemination methods. The goal of the battlefield awareness part of BADD is to provide warfighters with the comprehensive awareness necessary to dominate the battlefield, including the status of enemy, friendly, and neutral forces, based on greater access to near- real-time data. The goal of the data dissemination part of BADD is to use advances in direct digital broadcast satellites and tactical and backbone point-to-point communications to support a dissemination concept that delivers data to the warfighters workstation. The intelligent software agents acquiring and delivering the information will select out of the wide broadcast stream only that data useful to the warfighters area of interest and mission. Technology will insure that the right information is readily available when needed by the warfighter.

The Program Director, Dr. Robert Douglass, noted, We are excited about kicking off this program. We believe it will be a significant advance toward achieving the Joint Staff's goal of providing a fused, real-time, true representation of the battlespace to the warrior.

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