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Release No: 522-06
June 08, 2006

DoD Announces Release of Final DACMC Report

The Department of Defense announced today that the Defense Advisory Committee on Military Compensation (DACMC) released their final report titled, “Completing the Transition to an All-Volunteer Force: Report of the Defense Advisory Committee on Military Compensation,” which can be found at http//:www.dod.mil/prhome/docs/dacmc_finalreport.pdf.

The DACMC developed suggestions for updating the current system of compensation for America’s military personnel.  The suggested approaches would allow for greater flexibility in meeting unforeseen circumstances, while providing greater opportunity for managing diverse military careers, rewarding performance and simplifying the compensation scheme to make it more understandable to those it serves.

The DACMC recommendations focus on improvements to the non-disability retirement system; rewarding performance and supporting longer career profiles where desirable; removing variances in pay that relate to attributes such as family choices in favor of recognizing each  member’s value to the military; simplification of special and incentive pays; reviewing health benefits for retirees; evaluating quality-of-life programs; and reviewing the balance of pays and benefits of the reserve component.

These findings and recommendations will be analyzed as part of the 10th Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation, which was chartered on Aug. 2, 2005, to review of the principles and concepts of the compensation system.

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