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Remarks at the Combined Federal Campaign Awards Ceremony

As Delivered by William J. Lynn, III, Pentagon Auditorium, Monday, January 31, 2011

Thanks Mike for that introduction. 

Today we again celebrate the individuals and the organizations that made the Department of Defense’s participation in the Combined Federal Campaign such a success. Year after year, you demonstrate a strong commitment to service and to charity.

Lou and General Brown, thanks once again for your strong leadership.

I am especially honored to welcome Renee Acosta, who runs The Global Impact. They are an inspirational organization. Their positive effect on individuals and communities at home and across the world cannot be praised enough.

Earlier this month, with many of you, I stood in this very room to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. He was devoted to enhancing the lives of others and expanding opportunities for all. Dr. King once remarked: “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is “What are you doing for others?”. Over the course of the past year, thousands across the Department have overwhelmingly answered that question.

These continue to be difficult times.  Each one of us has made sacrifices in his or her own way. And the Department as a whole is not immune to tough economic realities.

It is something that has changed the way we do business and the way we live our lives.  But while we confront these hardships, there are those out there for whom the times are even tougher. In these challenging times, their struggles are a challenge to us all.

And that makes the compassionate giving from those in this room and throughout the Department all that more admirable. Your philanthropy has led the Combined Federal Campaign to once again be a resounding success.

At $17.2 million, we have matched our record level of giving. This underscores the Department’s culture and tradition of charity. And these contributions will have a real impact on real people.

  • For the second straight year we have surpassed $17 million dollars.
  • There are 6 Department accounts over the million dollar mark.
  • At 42% participation, Defense employees are 10% over the average Federal agency participation.
  • This has also been the 7th consecutive record year for fundraising.

While we recognize these impressive accomplishments, we shouldn’t lose sight of the lives touched directly by your generosity.

Each one of you is responsible for helping feed the hungry. Each one of you is essential to helping house the homeless. Each one of you ensures expanded access to education and lifts up those less fortunate than ourselves. And your charitable efforts are vital to improving the lives of wounded service members and their families.

The results of your efforts are very real and very powerful. You are all remarkable individuals and organizations who have come together for a common, noble cause.

Now I’d like to call up Renee Acosta, President and CEO of Global Impact. Today I am proud to present her with this check for $17.2 million.

As you’ll see, the check is large in size. It is a large amount. But most importantly, it will be large in terms of the impact that it has on the individuals and organizations who will be the beneficiaries of this generosity.

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