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Secretary of Defense Speeches

07/04/2014:   Independence Day Message
06/22/2014:   Lincoln Medal Presentation to Rep. John Dingell
06/20/2014:   Medal of Honor Ceremony for Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter
06/18/2014:   Submitted Statement -- Senate Appropriations Committee-Defense (Budget Request)
06/18/2014:   Opening Summary -- Senate Appropriations Committee-Defense (Budget Request)
06/11/2014:   Statement on the Transfer of Detainees before the House Armed Services Committee
06/09/2014:   Welcome Ceremony for Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work
05/31/2014:   IISS Shangri-La Dialogue
05/26/2014:   Memorial Day Message to the Force
05/26/2014:   Memorial Day Observance
05/24/2014:   World War II Memorial 10th Anniversary
05/24/2014:   Reading of the Names Ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial
05/23/2014:   U.S. Naval Academy Commencement
05/21/2014:   Polish Constitution Day
05/16/2014:   Armed Forces Day Message
05/14/2014:   Introductory Remarks at the U.S.-GCC Defense Dialogue
05/14/2014:   Remarks to the Press at the U.S.-GCC Defense Dialogue
05/06/2014:   Chicago Council on Global Affairs
05/05/2014:   U.S. Transportation Command Change of Command
05/02/2014:   Woodrow Wilson International Center Forum on NATO Expansion and European Security
05/01/2014:   Statement on Sexual Assault in the Military
04/30/2014:   Atlantic Council Distinguished Leadership Award
04/28/2014:   Human Goals Charter Signing Ceremony
04/24/2014:   Interventions at the North American Defense Ministerial Plenary Session
04/08/2014:   PLA National Defense University
04/01/2014:   Message (Video) on Sexual Assault Awareness Month
03/28/2014:   Retirement Ceremony for General Keith Alexander
03/19/2014:   "Valor 24" Medal of Honor Ceremony
03/18/2014:   Washington Navy Yard Review Announcement
03/13/2014:   Opening Summary -- House Appropriations Committee-Defense (Budget Request)

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