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Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Motor Radio Network

Presenters: Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, Joe Moore and Barney Hall
September 11, 2004

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Motor Radio Network

Q:  Well, folks we’ve got a big crowd on hand today at Richmond International Raceway.  Race fans here to see some exciting racing and an important message also, a lot of folks are remembering from all over the world – 9-11.  And today as part of the pre-race ceremonies Secretary of Defense of the United States, Donald Rumsfeld, is with us.  Welcome to Richmond.


A:  Thank you very much.


Q:  Early this morning when you were up in Washington, D.C. doing the Memorial Service there and coming here – you lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance here this evening.  It’s been quite a day for you.


A:  Well it has. I also visited Bethesda Naval Hospital to say hello to some of the wounded Marines who are out there.  So it’s been a busy day but an important day. And I am just delighted to be here.  This is such a spectacular spectacle.


Q:  I know you must be tickled going down to the garage, as I know you did at the start of the race.  You saw the Army car, the Air Force car all the various – 


A:  National Guard.


Q:  National Guard, they are all down there.


A:  They are indeed.  I met the crews, the drivers and it was very exciting.  My first stock car race was at Soldier’s Field in Chicago back in about 1948. 


Q:  Bring’s back some memories, I bet?


A:  It sure does.  And I can tell you those cars didn’t look anything like these.


Q: Mr. Secretary, if you can stand by, we will be right back.  We’ve just got to cover some pit stops here.


Q:  We are back at Richmond International Raceway and again, I’d like to welcome you here with the Mr. Secretary.  What’s your impression of all this?  I know you haven’t particularly been a NASCAR fan over the years, in talking with some of your people yesterday, but I think you’ll be one after this.


A:  Oh, my goodness, yes.  I say, I started watching stock car races back in 1948 so that’s a long time ago.  I watched the California race on television the other day and that was exciting.  The people here are such wonderful supporters of the men and women in uniform, that it’s just a thrill to be here.


Q:  Well I tell you, you see a true slice of America when you come to a NASCAR stock car race.


A:  Indeed, they are just wonderful folks and I just am thrilled to have a chance to shake so many hands and say thank you to them.


Q:  Well, sir, we certainly appreciate what you do folks do… [Inaudible]


A:  Indeed.  Thank you so much.


Q:  Thanks for coming. 


A:   I’m proud to be here.


Q:   Are we likely to see you at another event sometime in the future if it works out?


A:   You bet your life.


Q:   You are welcome anytime.


A:    Okay.  It’s a deal.

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