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Secretary Rumsfeld Remarks from Capitol Hill

Presenter: Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
April 08, 2004
Secretary Rumsfeld Remarks from Capitol Hill

Sen Warner:  We just completed a briefing of the Senate.  Almost three quarters of the Senate, over 70 members came for an hour and half for a very thorough, in-depth exchange first with the Joint Staff Intelligence, followed by the Secretary and the chairman. 


Mr. Secretary.


Rumsfeld:  Questions.


Q:  (inaudible) Japan has no plans to withdraw the troops from Iraq.  May I have comment on that? 


Rumsfeld:  I have not seen – you say that the Japan – the government of Japan has announced they have no plans to withdraw their troops from Iraq -- is that what you said? 


Q:  (Inaudible)


Rumsfeld:  Well, I have not seen the report but clearly that is a good – a sound position and it’s appreciated. 


Q:  Sir, will there be any significant relocation of the troops (inaudible)?


Rumsfeld:  We don’t talk about movement of troops in a country.


(Cross talk)


Rumsfeld:  When we have announcements to make, with respect to deployments or redeployments, we tend to make them after the fact.  What I have said and what General Myers said yesterday is that we are at a circumstance in the country where we were moving 115,000 in and 115,000 out.  And we made a conscious decision at the request of General Abizaid to take advantage of the fact that we had a overlap and higher number than unusual – we’re up to 135,000 right now – and that we were going to – General Abizaid was going to indicate to us which of those forces he would like to remain in-country for some period to deal with the current situation. 


Q:    Mr. Secretary, (inaudible) Iraqi security forces in (inaudible), why don’t they (inaudible)?


Rumsfeld:  Well, they’ve lost over 250 people killed in action, so the suggestion that they’re not out providing security for the country of Iraq would be a misunderstanding of the situation. 


Q:  Mr. Secretary, have you seen images today (inaudible)?


Rumsfeld:  Well, of course terrorists have been doing that type of thing for hundreds of years. 


Unknown:   Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary. 


Rumsfeld:  Thank you.


Q:  Appreciate it. 


Rumsfeld:  Good to see you.  Thank you, sir.

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