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Amb. Bremer Stakeout at the Senate

Presenters: Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, Chief Administrator in Iraq
July 22, 2003

(Stakeout at the Senate with Ambassador Paul Bremer and Majority Leader, Senator Bill Frist (R-TN))

Frist: We have just completed about an hour and 15 minute briefing with Ambassador Jerry Bremer. We have 65 United States Senators. We had a very franked discussion; Ambassador Bremer laid out both the last several weeks and also the current status as well as strategy and implementation for the future. Very thorough discussion, we appreciate the Ambassador being with us today.

We do understand coming out of our meeting that there has been confirmation of Saddam Hussein’s son’s death. At this (inaudible) we like not to comment on that because haven’t been fully briefed and I ask that you stay focused on what our briefing was about today with the Ambassador.

Ambassador Jerry Bremer.

Bremer: Thank you very much Senator, the only comment I will make about the death of the sons is that it’s a great day for the Iraqi people and a great day for the American military who once again showed their astounding professionalism in this operation.

I had a chance to talk to the Senate today about the progress which we’ve been making in Iraq steadily over the last couple of months in providing better security, providing essential services, working forward on economic reform and working towards a political structure that is democratic.

I found the Senators had a lot of questions about that which I was able to answer and I think we all agreed that we’re making substantial progress and I look forward to continuing discussions later this afternoon with the other House.

Frist: John you want to make a brief comment?

Q: (Inaudible)?

Bremer: I really don’t want to comment at this point about the operation since Senator pointed out the confirmation came out while we were in the session and I’d rather be brief before I comment on it.

Q: (Inaudible)?

Bremer: I just – (Laughter).

Q: (Inaudible)?

Bremer: Well it certainly is good news for the Iraqi people and its good news for our forces and I’ll leave it for the moment at that.

Thank you.

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