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Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Remarks on the Attacks on Al Rasheed Hotel

Presenter: Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
October 26, 2003
DEPSECDEF WOLFOWITZ:   Good morning, Gen. Sanchez will arrange a briefing when the details of this incident are better confirmed.   I just wanted to make a short statement.


           This terrorist act will not deter us from completing our mission, which is to help the Iraqi people free themselves from the type of criminals who did this and to protect the American people from this kind of terrorism.


           The Americans who are here doing this job, civilian as well as military, are heroes.  And we want to express our profound sympathy to the victims of this attack.


           The criminals who are trying to de-stabilize this country abused and tortured Iraq for 35 years and we have ended that mass oppression.   There are a few who refuse to accept the reality for a new and free Iraq.   We will be unrelenting in our pursuit of them.


           As the President has said, we’re taking this fight to the enemy. We’re bringing in additional international support and most important of all we have steadily growing numbers of Iraqis fighting alongside us, for a free Iraq.   We are getting the job done despite the desperate acts of a dying regime of criminals.


           Thank you, I guess I could take a question or two.


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