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Release No: 012-05
January 27, 2005

DoD Announces Fiscal 2004 Report

            The Department of Defense announced today that the fiscal 2004 report of "100 Companies Receiving the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Contract Awards (Top 100)" is now available on the World Wide Web.  The Web site address for locating this publication and other DoD contract statistics is:  http://www.dior.whs.mil/peidhome/procstat/p01/fy2004/top100.htm.

According to the new report, the top 10 Defense contractors for fiscal 2004 were:

(In Billions)


1.         Lockheed Martin Corp.                               $20.7

2.         The Boeing Co.                                             17.1

3.         Northrop Grumman Corp.                           11.9

4.         General Dynamics Corp.                              9.6

5.          Raytheon Co.                                                  8.5

6.          Halliburton Co.                                                8.0

7.          United Technologies Corp.                          5.1

8.           Science Applications International Corp.  2.5

9.           Computer Sciences Corp.                           2.4

10.         Humana, Inc.                                                  2.4


            In fiscal 2004, DoD prime contract awards totaled $230.7 billion, $21.7 billion more than in fiscal 2003.

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