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Release No: 140-96
May 02, 1996

No. 140-P:05/02/96:The Nebraska National Guard will broadca

The Nebraska National Guard will broadcast news and B-roll footage of the 1996 National Guard Bureau Marathon Trials at 3:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, May 5, on the NEB SAT 2 satellite service. The NGB Marathon Trials, held each year in Lincoln, attracts top Army and Air National Guard runners from around the country. These runners will compete for the 35 spots on the National Marathon team.

The feed will last approximately 15 minutes and will consist of a slate with slug and superimposed character information. It will include a three-minute story with voice-over and the same story with natural sound only. The remaining time will consist of B-roll footage.

To receive the video broadcast:

1. Swing antenna to Spacenet 3, located at 87 degrees West Longitude.

2. Tune the receiver for NEB SAT Network 2 at Channel 4 (3,780 @ [V]).

3. Set the video bandwidth for 17.5 @ or the lowest bandwidth the receiver will support. Some experimentation may be necessary for best results.

4. Audio bandwidth is also a consideration. If the receiver has the capability of switching from a wide to a narrow audio bandwidth, use this option to reduce audio noise. The audio subcarrier frequency is 6.2 and 6.8 Mhz.

5. Move the antenna east and west until an acceptable picture is received and/or the highest signal strength is achieved. Use similar procedures for adjusting the polarity.

Satellite: SPACENET 3 @ 87 degrees W. Longitude

Transponder : 13 Upper (C-band) - Channel 4

Frequency: 3,780 Mhz (Vertical)

Audio: 6.2 @ and 6.8 Mhz

Trouble Number: 402/472-2413 or 402/472-6989

For more information contact Sgt. Rob Ford at 402/471-7169, or Roger Bartlett (NET engineering staff) at 402/472-3611, ext. 341.

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