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Release No: 220-95
August 01, 1995

No. 220-P:08/01/95:On August 3 and 4 in thePentagon, the A

On August 3 and 4 in the Pentagon, the Air Force will demonstrate its newCombat Intelligence System (CIS) for members of the news media.

The Combat Intelligence System is the cornerstone of unit intelligence supportto the Air Force combat pilot. It incorporates intelligence data basemanagement, imagery receipt and manipulation, joint connectivity, targetingtools, message handling and office automation.

Of 650 planned workstations, more than 340 are now deployed to 150 missionplanning sites to feed Air Force Mission Support Systems (AFMSS) and 12 AirOperations Centers to support the Contingency Theater Automated Planning System(CTAPS) for in-time, integrated, seamless intelligence support. CIS and CTAPS,with the Wing Command and Control System make up the Air Forces' Theater BattleManagement Architecture Core Systems (TBM-CS).

The CIS demonstrations at the Pentagon will feature CIS as a viable jointintelligence dissemination option, interoperating with the Joint DeployableIntelligence Support System (JDISS) for Reachback and Theater support; with theCTAPS for Operations/Intelligence interface at the Air Operations Center; andwith the AFMSS for the flying unit level Ops/Intel interface.

To schedule a demonstration or for more information contact Majors Clem Gainesor Alvina Mitchell at (703) 695-0640.

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