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Release No: 359-95
December 15, 1995

No. 359-P:12/15/95:The following pressconferences will be

The following press conferences will be featured on Monday, December 18, inthe DoD Briefing Studio, Room 2E781.

11 a.m. -- Lt. Gen. George A. Fisher, Jr., chief of staff for U.S. Army ForcesCommand will brief on Army mobilization plans. Fisher will be joined byMaj. Gen. Max Baratz, chief of the Army Reserve and Maj. Gen. William A. Navas,Jr., director of the Army National Guard.

Media representatives without Pentagon credentials should contact Maj. TomRheinlander, Army Public Affairs, at 703-697-4314 for admittanceinstructions.

2 p.m. -- Lt. Gen. Howell M. Estes, director, Operations Directorate (J-3),Joint Chiefs of Staff, will provide a general update on Bosnia.

3 p.m. -- Maj. Gen. David L. Vesely, 14th Air Force commander, in charge of allcombat Air Force space operations, will offer a broad perspective on howspace is helping the peacekeeping forces in Bosnia.

General Vesely will bring a hand held Global Positioning System (GPS)unit used to mark and map minefields and borders and an improved air crewsurvival radio, which relies on GPS to located downed pilots. He'll also havea Multi-Source Tactical System terminal, identical to those deployed onaircraft, which provides landing zone threat warning. He will also bring otherspace equipment and products that demonstrate Air Force support for IFORcommanders.

Broadcast quality "B-roll" footage of space launch and satellite systems willalso be available.

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