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Release No: 105-08
October 10, 2008

Star-Tides Demonstration Announced

The STAR-TIDES research effort will hold its 2nd annual demonstration at Pentagon Center Court from noon on Tuesday, Oct. 14 to noon on Thursday, Oct. 16.
STAR-TIDES, which stands for Sustainable Technologies, Accelerated Research - Transportable Infrastructures for Development and Emergency Support, seeks to do three things:
·         Enable civilian coalitions from business, government and civil society to operate more effectively in stressed environments—post-disaster, post-war or impoverished.
·         Enhance the military’s ability to work with civilians in these situations.
·         Economize by identifying low-cost logistic solutions and supply chain efficiencies.
An objective is to build unity of effort when there is no unity of control. All information from STAR-TIDES is published on the Web at http://www.star-tides.net .
This event will be an interactive experience. Visitors can observe and discuss systems, technologies, practices and policies that can provide sustainable, affordable support to stressed populations—domestic or foreign, short term (disaster victims) or long term (refugee support, reconstruction or nation-building).
The demonstration will focus on two broad scenarios:
·         Stabilization and reconstruction in Afghanistan
·         Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in tropical regions, such as Central America or the Western Pacific
                But it also will draw on recent STAR-TIDES work on long-term refugee support and national capacity-building in Sub-Saharan Africa and responses to man-made or natural disasters in the National Capital Region around Washington, D.C.
                Media interested in more information about the demonstration may contact Lt. Col. Eric Butterbaugh at (703) 695-0195.

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