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Release No: 097-02
May 21, 2002

JFCOM to brief Millennium Challenge 2002 Transformation Experiment

Brig. Gen. James Smith, deputy commander of U.S. Joint Forces Command's Joint Warfighting Center, will conduct a briefing on Millennium Challenge 2002 on Wednesday, May 22, at 11 a.m. EDT in the DoD Briefing Room, Pentagon 2E781.

Millennium Challenge 2002 will be the largest joint military experiment of it's kind in history and is intended to lead to department-wide transformation through the testing of various new concepts that have been developed over the past two years. The experiment will simulate a contingency that has the potential to escalate into a major theater war. U.S. Joint Forces Command will use a concept known as rapid decisive operations to integrate knowledge, command and control, and operations to achieve a desired political and military effect on the adversary. It will use another concept, the operational net assessment, to identify key links and nodes within the adversary's systems and propose methods to influence, neutralize or destroy them and achieve the desired effect or outcome.

Millennium Challenge 2002 will involve more than 13,500 military and civilian personnel, live field forces and computer simulation, for three weeks beginning July 24, 2002. It will be held at 26 different sites -17 computer simulation and nine live action - throughout the United States.

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