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Press Advisories announce media events, briefings, publications and other opportunities. Press advisories issued within the past 30 days are listed below. Older advisories are available on the press advisory archive page. Advisories are also available by e-mail subscription. Go to DOD News for more information and for links to other news items.

11/29/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld to Host Uzbekistan Minister of Defense
11/29/2001:   BMDO's Gen. Kadish to Brief on Upcoming Missile Test
11/29/2001:   Announcement of Integrated Flight Test 7
11/29/2001:   Wolfowitz to Speak at Iftar Dinner
11/28/2001:   Technical Support Working Group to Brief Thursday
11/26/2001:   Rumsfeld to Host President of Yemen Today
11/26/2001:   Director of Force Transformation to Host Media Roundtable
11/20/2001:   Secretary to Visit Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base
11/19/2001:   Cold Weather Training and Capabilities Briefing
11/19/2001:   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Travels to Belgium and Bosnia
11/19/2001:   Rumsfeld to Host UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
11/19/2001:   Rumsfeld to Host MoD of Canada
11/19/2001:   Rumsfeld to Host President of Philippines
11/19/2001:   Wolfowitz to Host Honor Cordon for MoD Pandeli Majko of Albania
11/15/2001:   Wolfowitz to Host Uzbekistan Minister of Foreign Affairs
11/15/2001:   Wolfowitz to Host Marshall Islands President
11/15/2001:   Wolfowitz to Host Philippine Secretary of National Defense
11/15/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld to Visit Naval Training Center
11/15/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Franks to Brief Today at 12:15 p.m.
11/14/2001:   Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz to Host Visit by New York City Mayor-Elect Bloomberg
11/14/2001:   Briefing on U.S. Military Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan
11/14/2001:   Rumsfeld to Host Republic of Korea Minister of Defense
11/13/2001:   U.S., Korea to Hold Military Committee Meeting
11/13/2001:   Wolfowitz to Host MoD of Netherlands - Updated
11/09/2001:   Rumsfeld to Welcome President of Colombia
11/06/2001:   Business Initiatives Council Briefing Wednesday
11/05/2001:   Army and Air Force Headquarters Restructuring Briefing Postponed
11/05/2001:   Army and Air Force to Announce Headquarters Restructuring
11/02/2001:   Phone Interviews Today with Deployed Soldiers
11/01/2001:   Afghanistan Background Briefing
11/01/2001:   Wolfowitz To Host MoFA of Kazakhstan

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