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Press Advisories announce media events, briefings, publications and other opportunities. Press advisories issued within the past 30 days are listed below. Older advisories are available on the press advisory archive page. Advisories are also available by e-mail subscription. Go to DOD News for more information and for links to other news items.

09/26/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld to Conduct News Conference
09/26/2001:   DoD Cancels 2001 Maintenance Symposium
09/26/2001:   Farewell Ceremony in Honor of General Henry H. Shelton
09/25/2001:   Rumsfeld to Host Congressional Leaders at Pentagon
09/25/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld to Conduct Press Briefing
09/24/2001:   Wolfowitz to Host Koizumi at Pentagon
09/24/2001:   Wolfowitz to Meet with Indian National Security Advisor
09/24/2001:   Rumsfeld, Martinez to brief on Military Mortgage Initiatives
09/21/2001:   Secretary White to Represent DoD at POW/MIA Ceremony Today
09/20/2001:   Rumsfeld News Briefing, Thursday, 20 Sept.
09/19/2001:   Arlington Cemetery to Host POW/MIA Ceremony Friday
09/19/2001:   Wolfowitz to Host Pentagon Visit by German Foreign Minister
09/18/2001:   Pentagon Establishes Web Page on Transportation, Parking, Building Access
09/18/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld Conducts News Briefing
09/17/2001:   Pentagon Emergency Child Care Assistance
09/16/2001:   Update on Pentagon Donations
09/16/2001:   Child Care Center Closed
09/16/2001:   Pentagon Parking Restrictions and Transportation Update
09/14/2001:   Pentagon Plans for Repair and Continued Renovation
09/14/2001:   New Blood Donation Policy Delayed
09/14/2001:   Briefing at 3:30 p.m. on Army Unaccounted
09/14/2001:   Principal Deputy for Reserve Affairs to Discuss Partial Mobilization of Reserves
09/14/2001:   Pentagon Update Briefing at 1 p.m.
09/14/2001:   Maj. Gen. James T. Jackson to Brief on Situation at the Pentagon
09/14/2001:   Maj. Gen. James T. Jackson to Brief on Situation at the Pentagon
09/13/2001:   National Day of Prayer and Remembrance in Pentagon
09/13/2001:   Pentagon to Brief on Military Support
09/13/2001:   Wolfowitz to Discuss FY 02 Supplemental Today at Noon
09/12/2001:   Pentagon Work Schedule for Thursday, Sept. 13
09/12/2001:   Brig. Gen. Vaughn to Brief on Military Support
09/12/2001:   DoD Press Operations Office Open
09/12/2001:   DoD Opens Family Assistance Center
09/12/2001:   Pentagon Operations News Briefing
09/11/2001:   Pentagon Work Schedule for Wednesday, September 12
09/11/2001:   Update on DoD Press Operations
09/08/2001:   Rumsfeld to Speak Monday at Opening of Acquisition Excellence Week
09/07/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld to Host Prime Minister John Howard of Australia
09/07/2001:   Brookes to Host Roundtable on Asian Pacific Affairs Today
09/06/2001:   Secretary Rumsfeld to Conduct Media Availability Today
09/04/2001:   Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Feith Holds Media Roundtable Today

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