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No: 499-06
June 02, 2006
            Lear Siegler Logistics International Inc., Gaithersburg, Md., is being awarded a $142,000,000 indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity with fixed price award fee and cost reimbursable contract line items contract modification.  This action provides for the purchase of nonstandard, and hard to support standard supply items, maintenance/repair support, and task orders.  These items include such things as nuts, bolts, circuit cards, engines, pylons, panels, generators, power units, battery chargers, fuel tanks, regulators, power units, fuel nozzles, valves, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, speed control indicators, fuel control panels, turbines, helmet canopies, rafts, landing gear struts, arresting hook actuators, etc.  In additions, repair or maintenance is contracted for such items as engines or test stands.  Task orders are also used to conduct studies, analysis or obtain technical assistance that may require technician’s travel to a county that requires this type of support.  The aircraft and weapon system includes are C-47, T-33, T-37, C-130, F-111, F-4, F-5 and the F-16.  The Air Force can issue delivery orders totaling up to the maximum amount indicated above, although the actual requirements may be less than the amount indicated above. At this time, no funds have been obligated.  Negotiations were complete in May 2006.  This work will be complete December 2006.  Headquarters Air Force Security Assistance Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is the contracting activity (F33657-01-D-2014/P00035).
            Lockheed Martin Corp., Maritime Systems and Sensors, Akron, Ohio, is being awarded a $10,251,024 cost plus fixed fee contract.  This contract is associated with the Integrated Sensor IS Structure Critical Technology Development Program.  The purpose of this acquisition is to perform preliminary design/analysis, development, production and validation testing of an advanced hull material.  The effort also includes developing the process to adhere both solar panels and radar arrays to the materials.  Thirty hull material samples will be delivered to other ISIS contractors.  At this time, $4,000,000 has been obligated.  Solicitations began September 2005 and negotiations were complete in May 2006.  This work will be complete May 2008.  Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, N.Y., is the contracting activity (FA8750-06-C-0050).

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