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No: 185-09
March 23, 2009





                Lockheed Martin Corp., – Maritime Systems & Sensors, Baltimore, Md., is being awarded a contract for LCS FY09 Flight 0+ ship construction, class design services, configuration management services, additional crew and shore support, special studies and post delivery support.  As this award represents Phase I of a competitive two-phased acquisition approach to procure FY09/FY10 LCS, with Phase II including potential award of up to three additional LCS Flight 0+ Class ships, the award amount is considered source selection information (see FAR 2.101 and 3.104) and will not be made public at this time.  LCS Class ships are networked, agile, and high-speed surface combatants with versatile warfighting capabilities optimized for littoral missions.  LCS is optimized for flexibility in the littorals as a system of systems that are both manned and unmanned, and mission reconfigurable.  LCS focuses on three primary mission areas:  Littoral Surface Warfare operations emphasizing prosecution of small boats, Littoral Anti-Submarine Warfare and Littoral Mine Countermeasures.  LCS also possesses inherent capabilities to execute other missions such as:  Joint Littoral Mobility; Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance; Joint Special Operations Force support; Maritime Interdiction Operations; Homeland Defense; and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection.  Work will be performed in Marinette, Wis. (63 percent); Moorestown, N.J. (12 percent); Washington, D.C., (11 percent); Clearwater, Fla., (4 percent); Baltimore, Md., (4 percent); Arlington, Va., (3 percent); Brunswick, Ga., (2 percent); and Eagan, Minn., (1 percent), and is expected to be completed by Dec. 2012.  Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  The Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity (N00024-09-C-2303).


                Lockheed Martin-Maritime Systems and Sensors, Moorestown, N.J., is being awarded a $10,711,756 cost plus fixed fee contract to provide training material development and maintenance, instructor services, program management, administration, and training systems in support of International Programs for the Center for Surface Combat Systems.  This contract provides purchases for the Governments of Japan, (37 percent) and Norway, (63 percent) under the Foreign Military Sales Program.  Work will be performed in Dahlgren, Va., (50 percent), and Moorestown, N.J., (50 percent), and is expected to be completed by Mar. 2012.  Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  This contract was not competitively procured.  The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Va., is the contracting activity (N00178-09-C-2013).




                The Air Force is awarding a cost type contract to International Business Machines Corp., of Yorktown Heights, N.Y. for $16, 246,981.  This contract will provide the Millimeter-Wave Automatic Radio program focus on the development of sub-blocks of a millimeter-wave transceiver chip including local sensors, actuators, and control algorithm.  At this time, $2,763,895 has been obligated.  AFRL PKDA, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio is the contracting activity (FA8650-09-C-7924).


                The Air Force is modifying a firm fixed price contract with Lockheed Martin Corp., of Orlando, Fla., for $14,251,799.  This action will provide additional depot spares and a Readiness Spares Packages for the AN/AAQ-39 to support a Six Ship deployment for the AC-130 Gunship Aircraft.  At this time, the entire amount has been obligated.  667th AESS/SYKA, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio is the contracting activity (FA8629-08-C-2402, P00004).


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Correction:  Contract awarded Mar. 19, 2009 to Airborne Tactical Advantage Co. LLC *, Newport News, Va., contract N00019-09-D-0021 -- the award amount should reflect $27,906,428 versus $35,166,056.


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