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Hurricane Katrina Evacuation and Emergency Leave
For Military Members and Their Families
Local (installation) commanders, or other competent authority, determine the need to evacuate and provide a distance parameter (e.g., "150 to 750 miles"). Member / family are then authorized relocation, at "TDY rate" to a site of their choice for at least 30 days (situation reviewed pre-expiration) within that radius.

USD(P&R) likely to declare "alternate safe haven" NLT September 1 (following DoD-internal reviews), which authorizes compensable relocation ("TDY rate") anywhere in CONUS that the member/family chooses (e.g., anywhere in CONUS whether within the originally-specified distance limit, or not).

Reimbursement rates are at: DoD Per Diem, Travel & Transportation Allowance Committee. Actual reimbursement is made upon filing of a travel claim by the member/family. Up to two months of advance pay may be authorized.

Emergency Leave
When competent authority that is objective and reliable (e.g., Commands upon notice from Family Support Groups; or Military Services upon notice from sources such as MILITARY ONESOURCE; or American Red Cross) advises a military organization (e.g., a deployed unit) that a severe hardship would be created if the member does not return to the location of a family member, that military organization normally would authorize emergency leave (consistent with current operational requirements). Emergency Leave is chargeable as leave. In general, some cases allow for transportation expenses to be absorbed by the military for members assigned overseas or having domiciles overseas. Such leave would stipulate areas or conditions wherein travel is not authorized (e.g., within a geographical area during a particular period).

Travel to the areas directly affected by Hurricane Katrina is strongly discouraged. Many factors presently inhibit travel, including transportation infrastructures. Moreover, local law enforcement often must deny access owing to safety or security concerns. Travelers must plan accordingly.

American Red Cross communication services keep military personnel in touch with their families in emergency situations. If you want your Service Member notified that your are OK or other situation, you can call the Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337.

How to Contact the Red Cross to Send an Emergency Message

Active duty service members stationed in the United States and their immediate family members may call the Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Service Centers for help 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The toll-free telephone number is 1-877-272-7337.

Other family members who do not reside in the service members' household, members of the National Guard and Reserves, retirees and civilians may access Red Cross services through their local Red Cross chapter, which is listed in local telephone books and at http://www.redcross.org/where/where.html.

Overseas personnel stationed on military installations should call base or installation operators or the on-base Red Cross offices.

At overseas deployment sites, contact the American Red Cross deployed staff. When calling the Red Cross to send an emergency message to a family member, it is helpful to have the following information:

Service members:
* Full Name
* Rank/Rating
* Branch of Service
* Social Security Number
* Military Address
* Information about the deployed unit and the home base unit (for deployed service members only)

Other Military Service assistance numbers where you may ask about Military Emergency Leave, related Personnel Questions or other Service specific issues:

Air Force 1-800-435-9941
Marines 1- 800-847-1597
Army 1- 800-626-3317
Navy 1- 877-414-5358
National Guard 1-888-777-7731

Last Updated:
11/30/2005, Eastern Daylight Time
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