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Image - The Nature of the Enemy
  October 31, 2006   Vol. 1, Issue 4  
Extremists Use Sophisticated Internet Assaults
“Electronic Jihad” Web site for hackers
A group calling itself “Electronic Jihad” has begun an internet program that bombards websites it considers anti-Islamic with spam messages until they shut down. It is the most sophisticated web-based program known to be used by terrorists to date.

Electronic Jihad are “Internet activists” who “support the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance,” and who claim that “thousands … are participating” in the attacks, according to Pentagon policy reports. These activists are promoting their cause on various websites and calling on other militant radical Islamic groups to join them.

Government and business websites around the globe could be threatened by these tactics. In addition, Pentagon policy experts warn that participating in web-based assaults are low risk for groups wanting to support the militant Islamic cause and could lead to more extreme actions in the future.

“Although we do not know each other, we meet at the same time and the same place to conduct jihad in the path of God as one man, despite the distances that have separated us and our disjointed communication that has prevailed against our society … we will continue as long as [our] enemies are trying to break us and our belief. If they want a New Middle East, let’s give it to them, but not the way they want it.”
– Text from Electronic Jihad Web site, September 26, 2006, promotion
Campaign Urges Mothers To Push Sons To Militant Islam
A marketing campaign aimed at mothers began this summer when radical military Islamists released a 21-minute video directing mothers to let their sons join militant movements, and instill the movement’s values in them at a young age.

The video promotion is part of a campaign that is believed to have begun in January 2005, when several videos and articles aimed at Muslim women were posted on a number of websites associated with Islamic militancy and the Iraqi insurgency, according to Pentagon policy experts. The promotion called on women to take a more active role in instilling the values of militant Islam within their children.

The first message provides emotional support to mothers who have lost a son to militant Islam saying: “You were patient with the loss of your son. You seek the acceptance of the Almighty God with the hope that you will meet him in heaven.”
The second message chides mothers who stop their sons from joining the mujahideen and warns, ďFear God. Return your possession [your son] to the creator. Donít deny Godís gift to you if you want for him goodness in the world and the hereafter.Ē

The third and final message targets mothers who do not support their sons’ decision to join militant groups with finances and prayers saying, “The real happiness is [for those] whom God uses to serve [as] the servants of God, [those] whom God [has] selected among his creations, [whom] he loved and made them the best of his creation.”
Web site shows young boy
in anti-American demonstration
“Did you hear what God prepared for the family of the martyr?”
Benefits of Martyrdom
  1. God will forgive the martyr for all his sins the moment his wounds begin to bleed
  2. He will avoid the torture of the tomb
  3. He will see his position in heaven
  4. He will not be blinded by horrific fear
  5. He will receive the crown of dignity with a great jewel in it
  6. He will marry 72 virgins
  7. He will be capable of receiving mercy for 70 of his relatives
— Video pitch to mothers urging them to promote values of radical militant Islamic movement
OSD Writers Group, Office of Public Affairs, The Pentagon
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