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March 17, 2004:
  Explosion at Baghdad hotel kills at least 27 people, wounds at least 40. Story 
March 19, 2004:
  Secretary of State Colin Powell reaffirms U.S. commitment to Iraq, in briefing from Baghdad. Story 
March 31, 2004:
  Four American contract employees are mutilated in Fallujah. Story 
April 1, 2004:
  Korean officials announce that more than 3,700 Korean soldiers will deploy to Iraq. Story 
April 15, 2004:
Officials announce that 20,000 soldiers now in Iraq and Kuwait will serve at least 90 days past originally scheduled tours of duty. Story 
April 19, 2004:
  U.S., coalition, Iraqi officials agree "to implement a full and unbroken cease-fire" in Fallujah. Story 
April 21, 2004:
  A series of terror bombings in the southern Iraqi city of Basra today killed 38 civilians while wounding 98. Story 
April 27, 2004:
  Coalition officials announce the formation of a commission to compensate Iraqis who were persecuted by Saddam Hussein. Story 
April 30, 2004:
  American officials "appalled" by photos of U.S. soldiers allegedly mistreating Iraqi prisoners. Story 
May 2, 2004:
  An American truck driver in Iraq seized by insurgents April 9 escapes his captors and is picked up by U.S. forces. Story 
May 11, 2004:
  Videotape posted on al Qaeda-linked Web site May 11 shows U.S. contractor Nicholas Berg being decapitated. Story 
May 13, 2004:
  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld arrives in Baghdad for surprise visit to U.S. troops. Story 
May 13, 2004:
  Rumsfeld, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Richard Myers visit Abu Ghraib Prison. Story 
May 17, 2004:
  Suicide car bomb claims lives of Iraqi Governing Council president and at least four other Iraqis outside Coalition Provisional headquarters in Baghdad. Story 
May 17, 2004:
  Roadside bomb containing the nerve agent sarin exploded near a U.S. military convoy traveling near Baghdad. Story 
May 17, 2004:
  Officials announce 3,600 members of 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division will deploy to Iraq from Republic of Korea. Story 
May 19, 2004:
  Coalition forces capture four individuals suspected of involvement in the murder of American contractor Nicholas Berg during raid in Baghdad. Story 
May 20, 2004:
  First soldier to receive court martial in connection with Abu Ghraib prison abuse is sentenced in Baghdad. Army Spc. Jeremy Sivits receives one year in confinement, bad conduct discharge and reduction in rank to private. Story 
May 24, 2004:
  President Bush outlines five steps to help Iraq move toward democracy and security and proposal to demolish notorious Abu Ghraib prison. Story 
May 26, 2004:
  Coalition forces in Iraq capture key lieutenant of radical Islamic cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in Najaf and kill "large number" of Sadr's militia. Story 
May 26, 2004:
  CPA officials announce special task force will oversee compensation of Iraqi citizens who suffered under Saddam Hussein's regime. Story 
June 1, 2004:
  U.N. officials announce that Ghazi al-Yawar will be Iraq's president, and Ibrahim Jaafari and Rowsch Shaways will serve as deputy presidents. Story 
June 7, 2004:
  Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi announces agreement that calls for most of Iraq's independent militias to reintegrate or disband. Story 
June 8, 2004:
  Passage of new U.N. Security Council resolution on Iraq marks " important day for the Iraqi people," Bush says at G8 summit at Sea Island, Ga. Story 
June 11, 2004:
  Haditha Dam is operating at full capacity for first time since 1990. Story 
June 13, 2004:
  The presidents of Afghanistan and Iraq both call for coalition forces to stay in their countries during separate interviews. Story 
June 15, 2004:
  Iraqi military buys first pair of reconnaissance aircraft in Jordan. Story 
June 16, 2004:
  Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz arrives in Baghdad for meetings, troop visits. Story 
June 19, 2004:
  New Iraqi president calls Saddam 'weapon of mass destruction.' Story 
June 20, 2004:
  Iraq's interim prime minister announces organizational changes for country's security forces. Story 
June 22, 2004:
  Coalition official announces future Iraqi officer, enlisted training "will now almost entirely be conducted by Iraqi army trainers." Story 
June 28, 2004:
  Two days ahead of schedule, the Coalition Provisional Authority is dissolved, ending the occupation of Iraq, and sovereignty is turned over to an interim Iraqi government. Story
June 30, 2004:
  Coalition officially transfers legal custody of Saddam Hussein and 11 other high-profile detainees to Iraq. Story
July 1, 2004:
  Army Gen. George Casey becomes senior U.S. military commander in Iraq, taking over reins from Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. Story
July 1, 2004:
  U.S. Marines raise American flag at new U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, marking first time American flag has flown there in 13 years. Story
July 2, 2004:
  Saddam Hussein is brought before Iraqi court. Story
July 10, 2004:
  First class of Iraqi National Guard soldiers graduates from ING Training Academy. Story
July 18, 2004:
  Iraqi National Guard, police conduct first major joint operation. Story
July 28, 2004:
  Iraqi ministry workers take American public affairs course in Baghdad. Story
Aug. 2, 2004:
  Shifts in authority demonstrate Iraqis are assuming more control within their country. Story
Aug. 2, 2004:
  Iraq's Central Criminal Court tries and convicts five individuals on charges related to activities directed against multinational forces and Iraqi security. Story
Aug. 12, 2004:
  Multinational, Iraqi forces launch offensive against outlaw militia loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in Kufa and Najaf. Story
Aug. 12, 2004:
  Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi today calls on armed fighters in his country to "drop their weapons and return to society." Story
Aug. 28, 2004:
  Newly formed Combined Review and Release Board considers detention of 300 security detainees during its first week of deliberation. Story
Sept. 1, 2004:
  Iraqi army opens $165 million base at Numaniyah. Story
Sept. 16, 2004:
  Precision strike by multinational forces kills 60 terrorists near Fallujah. Story
Sept. 23, 2004:
  Bush vows to stand by Iraqi people after meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi at White House. Story
Sept. 27, 2004:
  Iraq's Border Enforcement Department graduates first cadet class. Story
Sept. 30, 2004:
  Iraqi Coastal Defense Force takes official responsibility for protecting country's coastline. Story
Oct. 1, 2004:
  Soldiers from the Republic of Korea assume operational authority for northeastern province of Irbil. Story
Oct. 4, 2004:
  Terrorist bombs hit 'Green Zone' checkpoint, Baghdad hotel; no casualties reported. Story
Oct. 6, 2004:
  Head of Iraq Survey Group reports Saddam Hussein "clearly had ambitions with respect to weapons of mass destruction." Story
Oct. 7, 2004:
  Army's 1st Armored Division Returns to Germany after being extended extra three months in Iraq. Story
Oct. 8, 2004:
  Insurgents in Iraq destroy Red Crescent building in downtown Ramadi. Story
Oct. 18, 2004:
  U.S., Iraqi engineers bring new Baghdad generator on line. Story
Oct. 20, 2004:
  U.S. State Department removes Iraq from list of state sponsors of terrorism. Story
Oct. 30, 2004:
  Defense Department announces plans to keep about 6,500 experienced troops in Iraq through elections. Story
Nov. 4, 2004:
  Construction begins on Iraqi water system reconstruction. Story
Nov. 4, 2004:
  Key Iraqi civilian, military leaders arrive at NATO Joint Warfare Centre in Norway to attend course on how to promote civil-military cooperation in security institutions. Story
Nov. 8, 2004:
  Iraqi, U.S. Troops begin 'Operation Al Fajr' in Fallujah. Story
Nov. 8, 2004:
  Two car bombs target two Christian churches in southern Baghdad. Story
Nov. 10, 2004:
  U.S. military officials report that insurgents in Fallujah are using mosques for fighting positions and weapons-storage sites. Story
Dec. 21, 2004:
  Attack on military dining facility in Mosul kills 22, wounds 78. Story
Dec. 24, 2004:
  Rumsfeld cheers U.S. troops during surprise Christmas Eve visit to Iraq. Story
Jan. 11, 2005:
  Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi vow nationwide voting will be conducted on Jan. 30. Story
Jan. 26, 2005:
  Helicopter crash in western Iraq kills 31 servicemembers. Story
Jan. 30, 2005:
  Millions of Iraqis vote in their first free elections. Story
Jan. 31, 2005:
  Riot at Camp Bucca prison leaves four detainees dead, six injured. Story
Feb. 17, 2005:
  Iraq certifies election results; Shiite-dominated United Iraqi Alliance claims the most seats in Iraq's new national assembly. Story
Feb. 27, 2005:
  Army's 3rd Infantry Division assumes Task Force Baghdad mission. Story
Feb. 28, 2005:
  Iraq refers first case involving Saddam officials for trial. Story
March 2, 2005:
  State Department report hails human rights advances in Iraq since coalition toppled Saddam's regime. Story
March 12, 2005:
  Multinational forces announce that Iraqi highway patrol officers recently thwarted kidnapping, captured hijackers. Story
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