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JCOC Insights
Participants in Joint Civilian Orientation Course 74 share some of
their reflections on their visit to Pacific Command.
Richard McLellan,
A retired attorney from Michigan

Richard McLellan What were you looking for out of the JCOC?
"I figured the government was trying to co-op me into supporting the military, and I think they’ve done a pretty good job. Every one of the areas like the explosives or the SEALS, or the people that guard the gates – each one you see how complicated their business is, and how business-like they are and they’ve got a plan and a system and they train these young people."

What are you going to take back from JCOC?
"The quality of the young people, how well they’re trained and how they’re committed. Second would be the complexity of the military operations. This is a huge undertaking and there’s just thousands and thousands of people involved. As a citizen, we really have no real understanding. I figure I am a pretty well read citizen, but to see the magnitude of this in just one part of the world and you know there’s other commands."

Michael Ward,
Vice president of government affairs for the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce

What do you think of JCOC?
"It’s been an awesome experience. It’s daunting in some ways to be exposed to people who are doing such important work and you feel some sense of obligation to do something with this information that you’re being given because they are doing awesome work and it’s important and they’re working
very hard."

What has made the biggest impact so far?
"The ability to just interact with soldiers and to hear their stories and to be so impressed with their level of dedication, their education, their thoughtful approach to the issues they’re
dealing with."

Carl Cramer

Carl Cramer,
Small business owner in Bremerton, Washington

What were you looking for from the JCOC?
“I came looking for a better understanding of the military involvement and particularly the young men and women on the front lines or who will be on the front lines and their participation. How they react, their feelings, and try to get the real story because we always get that from the press and having press embedded forward I think slants the views that we’ve seen.”

What has been the biggest impact for you on this trip?
“The dedication and the education that we’re giving to our young people to do their jobs is phenomenal.”

What will you take back from this trip?
“I am trying to put together a log so that even in Bremerton, which is Navy town, where everybody is pretty strong believers in what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, they need more information. I’m going to try to give them that. I hope to be able to relay some of the things that I’ve seen and have been able to participate in back to them so that they feel better about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.”  

Michael Ortega

Michael Ortega,
County Administrator for Cochise County in Arizona

What where you looking for out of JCOC?
"More of an understanding of the military -- the importance of the military and how it works and operates."

What about this trip can you take back?
"Clearly an appreciation for the commitment and passion that our armed services personnel have towards defending our country and serving our country. A high level of confidence in their abilities both in their commitment and passion but also in the support that we provide them. And how that important that is both in political support as well in just … their homes supporting them."

What has made the biggest impact so far?
"Just the compassion, the commitment, the passion, the effectiveness. I expected to some extent a large bureaucracy yet for as large as it is, it appears to be very effective, very agile, flexible in terms of dealing with issues as they arise."