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On September 11th, 2008, a new memorial honoring victims of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon will be dedicated. The Dedication Ceremony will be held that morning for invited guests only. The memorial will be open to the public beginning at 7:00 p.m. To commemorate the Memorial's public opening, the Navy Band and the Sea Chanters Chorus - will perform a musical tribute from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the stage adjacent to the Memorial. Below are the details regarding public access to the Memorial.

Hours of Operation

The Memorial will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Public Access to the Pentagon Memorial

The Memorial is accessible to the general public by METRO, private vehicle, and bus. However, due to parking constraints, the public is urged to use METRO as the primary means to come to the Pentagon and the Pentagon Memorial.

  1. METRO: The Blue and Yellow lines of METRO serve the Pentagon from the Pentagon METRO stop. There are also many bus routes that stop at the Pentagon METRO Transit Center. From there, you may walk to the Pentagon Memorial. You may also use the Pentagon City METRO stop and walk to the Pentagon Memorial. The Arlington Cemetery Metro Stop may be another option for tourists wishing to visit the September 11 group marker at the cemetery and the Pentagon Memorial.
  2. Tour Bus: The Pentagon offers limited parking for tour buses in the Pentagon South Parking Lot.
  3. Private Vehicle: There is no public parking for visitors of the memorial. Private vehicles may off load and pick up passengers at the North Rotary Road Kiss and Drop points, but they must move on and cannot park or stand at these locations. Parking regulations are strictly enforced at the Pentagon. Metered parking is available on the streets of Crystal City and Pentagon City and for a fee in the Fashion Center at Pentagon City Mall.
  4. Parking for People with Disabilities: There are five (5) parking spacesfor automobiles for people with disabilities available in the Pentagon South Parking Lot, adjacent to the Memorial Park. This parking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All vehicles utilizing this parking shall display a valid disabled parking permit issued by the state in which the vehicle is registered.


There are no scheduled official tours of the Pentagon Memorial. The Memorial is meant to be experienced by each visitor.

Prohibited Activities

All activities prohibited by 32 CFR 234, Conduct on the Pentagon Reservation, are also prohibited in the Pentagon Memorial. The following are examples of the most common prohibited items and activities: possession of firearms, fireworks, alcoholic beverages and glass containers, narcotics, and other dangerous substances prohibited on the Reservation. Also, all commercial or political soliciting, vending and posting of posters, flyers, handbills, etc. are prohibited (32 CFR 234.11, 13 and 14). Any activity not covered by Conduct on the Pentagon Reservation , but which will interfere with the public experience of the Pentagon Memorial is also prohibited. Such prohibited activities include:

  1. Eating and Drinking: Due to sanitation concerns and vermin control, eating and drinking (except for water) in the Pentagon Memorial is not allowed.
  2. Smoking: In order to minimize debris that may interfere with proper operation of the Memorial, we ask that visitors not smoke in the Memorial or the Gateway.
  3. Wheeled Vehicles, Roller Blades, etc.: Due to the unique construction materials used and to the concern for public safety, no wheeled vehicles or devices, save those used by persons with disabilities and strollers and baby carriages, are allowed in the Memorial.
  4. Pets, Animals. Pets and other animals are not authorized on the Pentagon Reservation or inside the Memorial. Seeing Eye dogs, guide dogs, police working dogs, etc. are authorized entry while performing their intended service. Owners and handlers are asked to pick up after their animals.
  5. Music, Noise Making Devices, Speakers, Sporting Events, Jogging, etc.: Music that can be heard by others, noise making devices (such as megaphones, public address systems, etc.), and sporting events (such as jogging, Frisbee playing, basketball bouncing, etc.) are not allowed in the Memorial.


Photography is permitted within the Pentagon Memorial. However, consistent with current policy (32 CFR 234), photography is restricted at all other locations on the Reservation (i.e. pedestrian and vehicular pathways; drop-off areas).

Authorized Special Events

The following are the special events that may occur at the Pentagon Memorial:

  1. A special commemorative ceremony will be hosted by the Secretary of Defense, or such official as he shall designate, on September 11 each year.
  2. Special ceremonies as authorized by the Director, Washington Headquarters Services.
  3. Wreath laying ceremonies for public or private groups upon application, through the Pentagon Building Management Office special events process in accordance with the stipulations in this SOP.
  4. Organized tours by news media representatives, escorted by Pentagon Force Protection Agency (primary) or Office of the Secretary of Defense, Public Affairs.

Special Events Requesting Procedures

All special events at the Pentagon Memorial will be requested using the following special events procedure.

Individuals or organizations requesting a special event at the Pentagon Memorial will submit a request for the event on a DD Form 2798, Application/Permit for Use of Space on the Pentagon Reservation. The DD Form 2798 will be submitted (via FAX, email, mail, or in person), to the Pentagon Building Management Office, ATTN: Special Events Section, Room 2A258, Pentagon, Washington, DC, 20301-1155, FAX 703-697-4448, EMAIL