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Fast Facts

Over the past 60 years, 644 U.S. Army Soldiers have earned a total of 153 Olympic medals, including:

U.S. Army World-Class Athlete Program (WCAP):

  • The U.S. Army founded WCAP in 1948
  • Since 1948, 541 Army Soldier athletes have been selected to either an American Summer or Winter Olympic team, earning 131 Olympic medals in a variety of sports
  • The WCAP provides outstanding Soldier athletes the support and training to compete and succeed in national and international competitions to include the Olympic Games, while remaining current in maintaining a professional military career
  • The WCAP will potentially accept Soldiers in any Olympic sport if they have recently displayed Olympic potential
  • Soldiers are currently assigned in the following sports: Boxing, fencing, modern pentathlon, rowing, shooting, track and field, triathlon, taekwondo, wrestling, biathlon, bobsled and skeleton
  • Soldiers are currently training in New York, Utah, Georgia, California and Colorado
  • The WCAP is organized with the mission to provide Soldiers with high national ranking or world class potential the opportunity to train in order to compete for a place on the U.S. Olympic Team

U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU):

  • The AMU was founded in 1956 to raise the standards of marksmanship throughout the Army
  • The AMU enhances combat readiness through the unit's provision of technical and advisory assistance in the development of military match-type small arms, equipment and ammunition.
  • The AMU has six shooting teams that compete and win shooting competitions across the country and around the world
  • Small Arms Firing Schools (SAFS) are taught annually by the rifle and pistol sections during the national matches at Camp Perry, Ohio
  • AMU's shooting facilities consist of 260 acres with 7 ranges and 18 buildings.
  • Service rifle, service pistol, action shooting, international rifle, international pistol, and shotgun comprise the shooting sections and are renowned as the "best in the world." Of these teams, international rifle, international pistol, and shotgun are Olympic Sports.
  • The unit makes or customizes its own small arms and much of its own ammunition through their custom firearms shop comprised of gunsmiths, machinists, range technicians and ammunition loaders, could be called the "backbone" of the unit and is equivalent to the "pit crew" of NASCAR