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Regulation Protects Military Renters

A change to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations authorizes the military to pay to move service-members and their families whose landlords default on property the military members are renting. Story

New G.I. Bill Doubles Benefits

The latest GI Bill considerably improves the opportunity for today’s servicemembers to obtain their education. Story

Panel Recommends Pay Changes

A review of military compensation proposes that more money be spent on special and incentive pays and other changes. Story

DoD to Deliver More Child Care Centers

The Defense Department’s goal of opening 20 new child-care centers this fiscal year. Over the next few years, this will provide 5,025 additional child-care spaces. Story

Gas Prices Hit Troops Where it Hurts

With the cost of a gallon of gas topping out at more than $4 per gallon, the subject “comes up at every single session,” when troops meet with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Story

Program Boosts Spouses’ Careers

The Defense and Labor departments’ career advancement demonstration project has been expanded to include all active-duty military spouses, along with four additional career fields. Story

Commissaries Go 'Remote'

The Defense Commissary Agency is taking the commissary benefit to National Guard and reserve members and their families living in remote areas. Story

New Board to Ensure Consistency in Disability Ratings

Former servicemembers who disagree with the disability ratings they received when they were discharged as unfit for military duty can now apply to have those ratings reviewed by a new Physical Disability Board of Review. Story

Physical Evaluation Board Works to Deliver Fair Outcomes

Terrie Wurzbacher, medical officer for the Physical Evaluation Board at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, reviews a soldier’s file. U.S. Army photo by Elaine Wilson, Fort Sam Houston Public Information Office  Col. Troy Lovett works to dispel the myriad of rumors surrounding the processes of the base’s Physical Evaluation Board. Above all, he says, the mandate for the 16-person board is to “provide a full and fair hearing to determine a soldier’s physical fitness for continued military service.” Story

Freedom to Choose Benefits Means Responsibility

Starting in July, servicemembers can choose to whom a $100,000 death gratuity will be disbursed if they’re killed in action. Story

Money Expert Tells Servicemembers
‘How to Be A Millionaire’

Speaking and gesturing like a fired-up preacher selling salvation, Kelvin Boston is known for telling television audiences how they can realize their dreams of financial stability – or even become rich. Story