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Four Combat-Wounded Veterans Set Out to Defy "The High One"

We flew in on the first and we spent the night at Base Camp and then yesterday we pushed out early and did the about 5-and-a-half, six miles up to our 7,800 [foot] camp.

It went well. Movement was slow, but very steady. We're working out of the challenges, getting out loads cross-leveled with everybody so that everyone can carry what they need to given their prosthetics and all.

Matt did great with his leg. It took a little bit getting it adjusted, but once that got going, we just slogged through it.

John hurt his arm a little bit coming off the aircraft, downloading equipment and stuff. So we had to swap our arms and see how that does, but today it's doing pretty well.

Everyone's got good spirits.

Right now we are just breaking down and we'll be moving out in about half hour or so, to do a carry up to 9,700 feet. So we'll carry half our gear up there and put it in a cache and then we'll come back down to 7,800 and stay tonight one more night and then take the rest of our stuff up to where we cache today.

That's where we'll spend the night after.

The weather is incredible. Actually I would say it was high 50s ... blue skies. Still can't quite see Denali. It's wrapped up in some ... clouds. We have visibility up to around 10,000, 11,000 feet.

Watching a few avalanches go right now, actually. It's pretty normal. I can see the sun line as it starts creeping down the mountain. It triggers a lot about this time in the morning. Pretty neat to watch.