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Four Combat-Wounded Veterans Set Out to Defy "The High One"

We’re at Camp 3 at 11,000 feet. Yesterday we decided to change schedule and we moved the full 3,200 feet and … set up camp.

Then today we dropped back down and picked up our cache that was down at 9,400 feet and brought it back up here.

Tomorrow we’re going to take an altitude day to acclimate and help everybody get a little better …with the altitude.

Everyone is doing really well. Matt has done great in terms of his uphill pace. We’re keeping pace with other teams all over the mountain, which is great. It’s kind of funny to watch their faces when they pass a guy with a prosthetic leg or are passed by, even better. It’s been pretty good that way.

Tomorrow during our rest day we’ll prep some stuff and get ready and then the next day we’ll be heading up motorcycle hill.

Please tell families and loved ones to check the [Alaska Mountaineering School] blog, that everyone is posting a few personal messages there and that everybody is doing great and handling the weather, and handling the climb, and getting a great suntan and eating well. Having a great time up here.