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Four Combat-Wounded Veterans Set Out to Defy "The High One"

We are at 14,200 feet. We’ve fully moved up to this camp.

Today, we just did our pack carry, and we recovered a cache from down by Windy Corner at 13,500 feet. So we have all our gear up here.

The last several days have been great. The guys are moving well. Matt’s an animal going uphill. He’s making great time.

So our confidence is doing nothing but growing.

We are definitely feeling the altitude here at 14,000 feet, so we’ll take a few days to acclimate before we push too much higher, although tomorrow we will do a carry to put a cache up at 16, 200 feet. To do that we have go up ... [and] get up a head wall and put it in.

The last few days we managed to do an interview online with Pretty neat. We did it from Windy Corner.

We also called in to the Purple Heart Trail dedication at Delta Junction [Alaska]. We got cut off midstride on that one but we at least made contact with the guys down there. It was nice to talk to our fellow combat wounded.

We’re going to do a little bit more fixed rope work practice today. Tomorrow we’ll do that move. The next day, maybe take a rest, and then we will push up to 16,000 [feet], potentially 17,200 [feet], and form camp five.

Camp five is where we’ll position for a summit attempt. If the weather holds, we could be summiting within the next several days, potentially as early as the 13th, or even the 14th.