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Army Lab Works to Improve
Soldiers' Health, Performance

The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine houses 200 scientists and soldiers who focus on such things as how the physiological effects of rations, clothes and gear affect troops. Story | Video | Photo Essay

Soldiers Volunteer for Testing
To Improve Army Products

Far away from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, a relatively small group of soldiers subject themselves regularly to searing heat, freezing cold, extreme altitudes and exhausting exercise. Story»

Lab Uses Science to Ease Soldiers’ Loads

Scientists at the Army's lab in Natick, Mass., are working to ease loads soldiers carry and identify the demands and effects they have on soldiers and their performance. Story»

New Products

Hydration Device to Deliver
Improved Taste, Performance

Field troops soon may be treated to tastier drinks, and increased performance, through nutritionally supplemented flavored mixes for their personal hydration packs. Story

Army Lab Invents New Device
To Monitor Soldiers' Vitals

Army researchers are creating a system to track soldiers' vital statistics during training or combat via a vitamin-sized transmitter taken like a pill and a monitor. Story