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Defense Officials Track Substance Abuse Trends

October 25 starts Red Ribbon Week for drug awareness, and this year,
Defense Department officials hope to shed light on what may be a disturbing
new trend in substance abuse by servicemembers. Story

Air Force Band Stands Against Drug Abuse

SAN ANTONIO (AFNS) - The Air Force's Band of the West is reaching out to thousands of school children in San Antonio with a "Stay in School" and "Say No to Drugs" message. Story

Even 'Legal' Drugs Pose Dangers

The practice seems harmless enough. Troops,
looking to dull the edge of a stressful day, walk into
a head shop after work and buy a small package
of K2, the brand name of a smokeable concoction
that is perfectly legal in the state in which they are
residing. It is not, however, legal in the military. Story

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