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Given today's globalized access to knowledge and the rapid pace of technology development, innovation, speed, and agility have taken on a greater importance. The Department of Defense serves as an innovative leader in developing technology to protect Americans and troops – on and off the battlefield.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Features Disaster-response Tasks

Twenty-five human-robot teams from seven countries will compete for $3.5 million in prizes during the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s robotics finals in California, DARPA program manager Dr. Gill Pratt said during a recent teleconference. Story

DARPA Tool Could Work Against ISIL

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency prepares for the diverse threats in today’s national security landscape – from low-tech ‘lone-wolf’ terrorists to high-tech adversaries to groups like ISIL that use both approaches. Story

DoD Seeks Novel Ideas to Shape its Technological Future

The Defense Department is seeking ideas to shape its future, and officials are looking to industry, small business, academia, start-ups, the public –- anyone, really –- to boost its ability against adversaries whose access to technology grows daily. Story

Official Shares DoD's Technology Goals With Industry

Katrina G. McFarland, the assistant secretary of defense for acquisition, laid out the Defense Department's areas of emphasis and goals at the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo. Story

Screengrab of John Seminatore speaking.

Naval Research Laboratory Designs Robot for Shipboard Firefighting

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