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Given today's globalized access to knowledge and the rapid pace of technology development, innovation, speed, and agility have taken on a greater importance. The Department of Defense serves as an innovative leader in developing technology to protect Americans and troops – on and off the battlefield.

Officials Expand Space-tracking Website

The release of new high-quality positional information on space debris of an unknown origin will help owner-operators better protect their satellites from these objects and ultimately create less space debris, a senior officer with U.S. Strategic Command said. Story

DARPA's Plan X uses New Technologies to 'See' Cyber Effects

Three years after the Defense Department named cyberspace a new domain of warfare, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is unveiling technologies that soon could make it possible for military leaders and warriors to plan and execute real-time cyber missions in a territory charted so far only by machines. Story

DARPA Innovations Advance Security

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Information Innovation Office, or I2O, is hosting DARPA Demo Day 2014 in the Pentagon's courtyard to highlight the agency's ongoing contributions to preserving and expanding the Defense Department's information technology superiority. Story

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