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Feds Feed Families: DOD Family Delivers - Help Knock Out Humger - Food Drive June 1, 2014 - Aug. 30, 2014

The sixth annual federal-wide Feds Feed Families Food Drive campaign is now under way. Defense Department employees nationwide have been asked to step up to meet this challenge by pledging to "participate and make a difference!" There is no government-wide collection goal for 2014; every donation big or small will be significant in the lives of those families in need. In his memo, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work expressed his support of the campaign and encouraged the workforce to donate non-perishable food items.

News Stories

Texarkana Leads in Feds Feed Families Campaign

A trio from DFAS Texarkana is helping to set the pace for the 2014 Feds Feed Families Campaign. Combined contributions from everyone at the east Texas site have topped over a thousand pounds to date. Story in PDF

Feds Fight Hunger in Community

Defense Department employees postwide donated food and other non-perishable items in support of the sixth annual Feds Feed Families Food Drive campaign Friday at the Army Community Services office located inside the Rivers Building. Story

'Feds Feed Families' Food Drive Begins

The Agriculture Department's annual "Feds Feed Families" food drive began June 1, and officials have requested the Defense Department's help with logistical support and food donations. Story

DoD Hall of Fame 2014

While the Defense Department is appreciative of all employees who embrace the spirit of giving during this campaign, it gives special recognition to employees who make large contributions. This year, Hall of Fame acknowledgement is given in the following three levels: 250 pounds for Hall of Fame recognition; 500 pounds for Gold level recognition, and 1,000 pounds and over for Platinum level recognition. Please note: contribution totals can be cumulative.

Nominations into the Hall of Fame must be made and verified by the agency's chair. To submit a Hall of Fame nomination, send information by email with name of person donating, agency/Organization, mailing address, total pounds donated, date(s) and photo and caption (if desired) with the subject: Hall of Fame Nomination. Feel free to use this spreadsheet to assist in your Hall of Fame Reporting.

2014 Hall of Fame Employees:

NOSC Syracuse Team, 535.92 lbs
Brad Plant, DFAS, 252 lbs
Cheryl Burton, DFAS, 480 lbs
Robin Patton, DFAS, 400 lbs
Aaron Gillison, DFAS, 679.5 lbs
Debra Stalling, DFAS, 500 lbs
Elizabeth Lusk, DFAS, 350lbs
Helen Shansby, DCPAS, 1,035 lbs
Howard Ferguson, DCPAS, 1,114 lbs
Jennifer Davis, DCPAS, 1,087 lbs
Tonya Pollard, DCPAS, 1,043 lbs
Diane M. Kuzma, DISA, 822 lbs
Monique Bragg, DISA, 872 lbs
Beverly Click, DFAS, 252 lbs
Bubba Hunt, DFAS, 350 lbs
Beverly Ward, DFAS, 350 lbs
Leslie Ingram, DFAS, 334 lbs

DoD Takes Action!

Share your success stories (minimum 250 words) and pictures (minimum 1MB) of your agencies Fed Feed Families Campaign by email. Don't forget to credit the photographer and let us know who is in the photo!

Gleaning - Preventing Waste, Feeding the Hungry

Feds Feed Families can partner with farmers across the country to prevent the unnecessary wasting of food and simultaneously provide access to fresh and nutritious foods for low-income populations in a process called GLEANING. Please refer to the information below for more information on how to get started, or contact us at fedsfeedfamilies@cpms.osd.mil, subject: GLEANING!

Most Wanted List in the National Capital Region

The DoD Feds Feed Families Campaign challenges you to participate and make a difference. Donations big and small are significant in the lives of those families in need. Contribute to the spirit of giving.

Weekly Message

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." – Gandhi

With your help, the DOD has collected food donations towards the Feds Feed Families food drive. However, we are not there yet! There is still plenty of time to PARTCIPATE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our communities!

We ask that you make a personal commitment to donate towards this campaign. You can help BE THE CHANGE in your work group, division, or organization by bringing in just ONE can daily to support Feds Feed Families today. By donating just one pound of food, you will support the food banks all across the country and directly help feed millions of hungry men, women, and children all over America.

Lead the way, DONATE today!


Upcoming Events

The third annual DoD FFF Cover the Map Rally will be held on August 13, 2014! Please see the attached flyer for more information:


Reporting Donations

Individuals reporting totals to the DoD Feds Feed Families team should fill out the Standard Reporting Template and submit it via email with the name of the activity and the phrase "attention reporting team" in the subject line. Individuals responsible for filing the reports also should check with their parent activity regarding any internal reporting requirements.

1,655,002 lbs.
August 5, 2014

'Virtual' Grocery Donations

It is easier than ever to provide food for those who are at risk of hunger AND contribute towards the campaign. Please consider donating virtually! Order food online and have it sent to a food bank of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See the most commonly asked questions and answers about Feds Feeds Families.

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