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Election day, Nov. 4, 2014, is fast approaching. No matter where you are stationed, registering to vote and getting your absentee ballot is simple, fast and easy.

State Guidelines Interactive Map

Use the State Guidelines Interactive Map, or visit FVAP.gov, to find out how to register and get your absentee ballot. Select your state or territory of legal residence on the map to get started. Note: you must print the form, sign it, and send it to your state according to your state's rules. This is not an online registration tool.

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DoD Takes Steps to Aid Absentee Voters

As the Nov. 4 midterm election nears and Absentee Voting Week begins, the Defense Department is assisting service members, their families and overseas citizens via FVAP.gov. Story

Votel Pledges Support for Special Operations Forces

President Barack Obama's nominee to lead U.S. Special Operations Command says if confirmed, he will work to ease the strain on special forces from more than a decade of war. Story

Official Emphasizes Early Voting

Service members, their families and U.S. citizens overseas away from their home voting locations should register early to ensure receipt of voting materials, the Defense Department's top voting official said. Story


Screen capture of Matt Boehmer addressing viewers.

FVAP Unveils New Tools for First Time Voters

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