Current Estimate
($ in Millions)
December 1999 (73 programs*) $ 742,344.9
Less final reports on completed programs, ATACMS-APAM, (Army Tactical Missile System Anti-Personnel Anti-Materiel), BLACK HAWK, MCS (Maneuver Control System), SINCGARS (Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System), MILSTAR, and the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) portion of B-1 CMUP -13,768.0
Plus two new programs, FBCB2 (Force XXI Battle Command Brigade & Below) and IAV (Interim Armored Vehicles) +2,926.9
December 1999 Adjusted (70 programs) $ 731,503.8
*Excludes classified costs for the Air Force's MILSTAR program.
Changes Since Last Report:
     Economic 0.0
     Quantity 0.0
     Schedule +291.3
     Engineering +32.6
     Estimating +527.0
     Other 0.0
     Support 0.0
Net Cost Change $+850.9
Plus initial procurement and construction cost estimates for COMANCHE and THAAD (Theater High Altitude Area Defense), previous reports were limited to development costs per Section 2432, Title 10, United States Code) +46,290.4
June 2000 (70 programs) $ 778,645.1
For the June 2000 reporting period, there were five quarterly exception reports submitted. Two programs, COMANCHE and THAAD, were approved to proceed into engineering and manufacturing development (Milestone II) and are reporting procurement and military construction costs for the first time. Reports for two other programs, AAAV and CVN 68 Class Carriers, were submitted because of schedule slips of more than six months. Lastly, an initial report was submitted for CVNX (Future Aircraft Carrier). For the programs that have reported previously, there was a net increase of $850.9 million (+0.1 percent), due primarily to revised schedules and cost estimates for the THAAD development effort.
(As of June 30, 2000)
The Department of Defense has submitted an initial SAR for the Future Aircraft Carrier (CVNX). This report does not represent cost growth. The baseline established on this program will be the point from which future changes will be measured. The current cost estimate is provided below:
Program Current Estimate
($ in Millions)
CVNX (Future Aircraft Carrier)* $3,587.6
*Pre-Milestone II program reporting development (RDT&E) costs only, in accordance with the provisions of Section 2432, Title 10, United States Code.
For more information, see the Department of Defense news release and the SAR Program Acquisition Cost Summary.