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Updated: 14 Jan 2003
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News Document
On the web: http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Jan2001/d20010116exportfacts.html
Media contact: +1 (703) 697-5131
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This fact sheet, released on Jan. 16, 2001, accompanies the news release entitled DoD Interagency Program Office Opens. Also see the chart entitled Export Systems Executive Oversight.

U.S. Export Systems (USXPORTS) Automation Initiative

Background. Department of State (DoS) and Department of Commerce (DoC) submit export licenses for review to the Department of Defense (DoD). Inspector General and Congressional reviews determined those automated systems in DoD, DoC, and DoS are neither standardized nor interoperable among the reviewing agencies resulting in an inefficient workflow process with unnecessary delays. Additionally, reviews often require multiple copies of technical or other supporting documentation that are delivered and disseminated manually. USXPORTS is an interagency program established by DoD to address and solve these automation problems.

Program Objectives. The objectives are to incrementally: 1) Establish a common electronic interface between Industry and Government, 2) Improve the quality of the reviews that protect military capabilities, 3) Improve and standardize data and systems architecture among government agencies, 4) Accelerate the licensing process workflow to meet global marketplace demands, and 5) Ensure the process is secure. The Clinger-Cohen Act requires we "address complex information technology objectives incrementally in order to enhance the likelihood of achieving workable solutions".

Program Funding. The program is fully funded for $30M over three years.

Program Methodology. The USXPORTS Program Management Office (PMO) is developing a project plan to field a series of incremental software builds while coordinating areas of process improvement. The USXPORTS PMO will: 1) Employ rigorous requirement analysis and business process/reengineering, 2) Establish technical infrastructure to include security safeguards, 3) Design and implement data management tools, 4) Design, develop and procure desired hardware/software modules, 5) Test designed and developed modules against requirements and other metrics, and 6) Manage system integration and deployment to include training and user assistance.

Program Schedule. The USXPORTS program is approved as a New Start initiative by C3I CIO and will follow the applicable guidelines established by DoD directives and the Clinger-Cohen act. A Mission Need Statement is in final review by senior officials. The preliminary Economic Analysis is available and will be refined throughout the program life cycle. The National Security Agency (NSA) continues to review the concept and security model for USXPORTS to ensure the latest security measures are employed. The first prototype is in test with the Department of Commerce to support electronic delivery of technical documents from Industry to the government. System communications requirements will be evaluated and implemented in FY01. DoD decision support and analysis modules will be developed and tested in FY02. Integration with existing systems and completion of the project will take place in FY03.

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